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Past week's tweets 2009-10-25

RT @GrammarGirl: It appears that "Jr." can be used for a boy or a girl; it's just uncommon to hear it used for a girl. # telling Kristi how cartoons like Bugs Bunny used to be shown in movie theaters before a feature http://ping.fm/yt6HX # watching "Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes", music video starring my [...]

When my kids discover my interests

It is strange and funny how what is laying around the house affects what your kid watches.

The 4th Doctor, aka Tom Baker. One of my, and Kristi's, favorite Doctors

I remember when Kristi was 3 (she’s now 10), she saw one of my old Doctor Who VHS tapes in the cabinet, “Full Circle” [...]

Past week's tweets 2009-10-18

I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — “Newhart” – Series Finale http://bit.ly/ShuvO # watching few minutes of Chaplin starring Robert Downey Jr. http://is.gd/4itSH Just found it on Hulu. Not 100% accurate but Downey is awesome # heading to bed. will watch the rest later… even though I’ve seen it bunches [...]

Past week's tweets 2009-10-11

I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — NERD ALERT: Presidential Last Words http://bit.ly/1Xxei3 # thanks for putting whole shows online! RT @PBS: @jdcoffman good thing you can watch it online here: http://tr.im/ARmg #PBS ^LS # reading Mark Shea’s “The Conservative Bible Project: Wingnut ideologues just keep bringin’ the crazy” http://is.gd/40w3i [...]

Past week's tweets 2009-10-04

I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — “I Am a Fine Musician” from The Dick Van Dyke Show http://bit.ly/tBhHH # RT @pcamarata: Up all night in surgery. Now seeing patients in office all day. Next time your doctor is late, try to be understanding ;^) # I rated a YouTube [...]