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Past week's tweets 2010-04-25

Amen to that! RT @QueenofSpain: I wish there was an automatic kid lunch & snack maker for school… # @GSPN at first I thought I read 48 hours instead of 48 minutes. Thought "Wow! that's some marathon phone call!", lol in reply to GSPN # watching @FatherRoderick setting up for Secrets of Farmville podcast [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-04-18

'My Daddy Had a Hysterectomy' And Fun Other Things Kids Say – ParentDish http://ping.fm/jPsVp # man I'm beat. going to have pizza and a drink. # I liked a YouTube video — Jean-Baptiste Thierree and Victoria Chaplin's LE CIRQUE INVISIBLE http://youtu.be/ubX4rhcKA3M?a # I liked a YouTube video — Enya – Anywhere is… http://youtu.be/oR20sV_ZuJc?a # [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-04-11

Happy Easter! We were busy w/ 3 egg hunts: 1 in the morning just the girls, 1 later at church, and 1 in the afternoon with girls & cousins # deciding whether to watch Chaplin or Sherlock Holmes to celebrate Robert Downey Jr's 45th b-day today. # Decided on Sherlock Holmes (This will make [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-04-04

this both hilarious and sad at the same time: "Councilman Booted for Tending to FarmVille" http://bit.ly/a3nPft # watching @FatherRoderick live for The Break podcast http://sqpnconnect.ning.com/ #sqpn # hangs up sign that reads: "Do Not Disturb! Watching Sherlock Holmes DVD" # While the Holmes movie still kicked butt on the second viewing, the DVD *seriously* [...]