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Past week's tweets 2010-09-19

enjoying another quiet Sunday afternoon with my girls # In memory of Jeremy Brett who passed away 15 years ago today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq8_MaWpv9A He'll always be my Sherlock Holmes # difficult to explain to my 3 yr old that touching screen for my iPod Touch is ok… Pressing on my laptop screen is *not* ok. [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-09-05

Kids eating dinner while listening to Pandora radio of children songs # Ajafydshdhefgxxgdhdhdjdjdjdxhdhzhdhdjdjfjdjdjddjdjjdfjdjjdfjdjdufjfji http://bit.ly/bRMBvC fddifjkffijddidijdsujdfjfjddhfjjadhdyryryyrrfhfhf # I liked a YouTube video — Beginning to End – The Farewell Season of Oprah http://youtu.be/sfFstTri3iY?a # Great upbeat song: Janet Jackson's Alright w/ Heavy D mix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ubv59yE8RI <3 Cab, Charisse, and Nicholas Bros # I liked a [...]