Past week’s tweets 2009-11-01

  • what a busy weekend! worked yesterday and today took charge of the double birthday lunch. #
  • good night! #
  • copying my podcast subsciptions from iTunes to Juice. iTunes is too clunky #
  • good morning! #
  • "Good evening!" she said in her best vampire voice #
  • little girl, maybe 2 or 3, came to the door as Spiderman. With matching Spidey bucket. Soo cute! #
  • watching my annual viewing of "Jack, the depressed pumpkin" before Halloween is over #
  • playing @realjohngreen 's "Truth or Fail: Halloween!" #
  • just realized I have not eaten dinner yet. Popped pizza in the microwave #
  • watching a fitting Doctor Who witch story – The Shakespeare Code #
  • night! #

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