Successfully uploaded old posts

While the insides of the old blog were a mess, I was able to export the posts and comments and such before removing the old place. Looks like they arrived in one piece! Huzzah! Even the embedded YouTube videos seem to work! Excellent!

I am still working on getting the widgets the way I want, and yes, will decide on what social media doo-dads I will use… there will be less buttons once I get that organized.

And all those tweets were done automatically, although they stopped last November… don’t know why. Since I wasn’t able to write normal posts during the dashboard messup, all that went up (until November that is) were those. I’m currently looking for a way to keep the tweet on a separate page, auto updated but more organized. I don’t want it to look like all this blog is is a bunch of tweets! Haha…

February 5th, 2011 by
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