BBC’s Sherlock, season 1, reairing on PBS

If you have not seen this fantastic series (way to short), PBS is re-broadcasting season 1 (Season 2, which just ended to other day on the BBC, airs on PBS this May 6th). They played A Study in Pink” last Sunday, this Sunday (Jan 22) is The Blind Banker”, and the following Sunday (Jan 29) is “The Great Game”.

Whether or not you like Sherlock Holmes, crime/mystery genre, or British tv, but you like storytelling at it’s finest with a great cast and production, then check this show out.

And yes, this is a free legal viewing 🙂

Watch Sherlock, Season 1: A Study in Pink on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

I haven’t figured how to turn off that top bar in the video, but if you view it on PBS’s own site, there’s no bar :). Also be sure to visit their Sherlock site

IT will remain online on their site until Mar 1 (unless they extend it, like they did the first time).

I had written a review for the first season, I just haven’t posted it here yet. I have parts of a review in my head for the second season, but have not yet written it down.

Note: For some reason, they show a cut episode, about 5 minutes total less than the original airing. Nothing crucial, but it’s not like they had to make room for commercial time. (What’s the deal?) I had started making a list of the differences between the original BBC cut and the PBS re-edit.

Anyway, enjoy the show!

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