Sherlock: BBC vs. PBS versions – The Great Game

[Like with notes for The Blind Banker, the following are rough notes for The Great Game.  I’ll fix ’em up and make ’em look pretty in a few days.  Why put them up when they are pretty already?  Obvious (sorry, slipped into sounding like Sherlock, haha).  PBS has both of their versions of The Blind Banker and The Great Game online, but only until Feb 29 (A Study in Pink is up until Mar 1).  If I waited until they were pretty, the videos would probably down :(.  So I decided to put them up…. Hmmm… Maybe that only makes sense to me?]

I did find myself having to note when and where cuts were done.  It seems like there were multiple cuts wintin single scenes that wasn’t in earlier episodes.  I will recheck Pink and Banker again.

Rough notes follow — Warning: Misspellings nad grammar errors are bound to be found…

Oh, and spoilers!

Mycroft introduces the case

Mycroft Holmes is at 221B and introduces a case for his brother and John to solve. While explaining what happened to Andrew West:

John: Jumped in front of a train?

Mycroft: Seems the logical assumption

John: But?


Mycroft: But?

John: Well, you wouldn’t be here if it was just an accident

Sherlock laughs while wiping his violin bow

(cut ends)

Mycroft: The MoD is working on a new missile defence system, the Bruce-Partington Program, it’s called. The plans were for it were on a memory stick.

(cut again)

John: (chuckles while looking at the papers that Mycroft had handed him) That wasn’t very clever.

Sherlock smiles, while still wiping his violin bow.

Mycroft: It’s not the only copy.

John: Oh.

Mycroft: But it is secret. And missing.

John: Top secret?

Mycroft: Very. (cut ends) We think West must have taken the memory stick. We can’t possibly risk it falling into the wrong hands.

On the way to Scotland Yard

After Lestrade calls Sherlock, both he and John leave 221B in a cab and head towards the Yard.

Examining the shoes at Bart’s

After the first communication with the bomber (via the hostage) at 221C, there is a cut to Sherlock examining the sneakers at Bart’s. A couple shots were cut out.

Later in that same scene, with John…

Sherlock: The only mystery is this – why’s my brother so determined to bore me when somebosy else is being so delightfully interesting?


John: Try and remember there’s a woman who might die.

Sherlock: What for? There’s hospitals full of people dying, Doctor. Why don’t you go cry by their bedside and see what good it does them?

(cut ends)

Computer beeps, with message “SEARCH COMPLETED”

Back to Baker Street

After Sherlock talks about the case of Carl Powers and his missing shoes. Cut of Sherlock thinking while in the cab while shortly later being at 221B.

John meets with Mycroft

Mycroft gives John some more facts about about Adrew West and asks how Sherlock is doing with solving it.

Mycroft: How is he getting on?

John: He’s fine. (cut) And it is going…very well. He’s, um… (cut ends) He’s completely focused on it.

Abandoned car found

After Sherlock finishes talked with the bomber (via another hostage), there’s just a second cut of a pan over from the river to the lot where the abandoned car is.

A couple seconds later Sherlock and John arrive at the scene. Lestrade goes into explaining the situation:

Lestrade: Told his wife he was going away on a business trip and he never arrived.


Donovan: You’re still hanging round him.

John: Yeah, well…

Donovan: Opposites attract, I s’pose.

John: We’re not…

Donovan You should get yourself a hobby. Stamps, maybe. Model trains. Safer.

This last line was said over Sherlock checking out the driver’s side of the car. Muted in PBS version.

Just finished talking with Mrs. Monkford.

Sherlock: That’s not a mistake a murderer would make.

John: I see… (cut) No, I don’t. What am I seeing?

Donovan (calling out to John) Fishing. Try fishing

John (turns around to see Donovan, then (cut ends) back to Sherlock): Where now?

Sherlock at the lab

A couple seconds cut of Sherlock testing the blood sample from the abandoned car.

Right after he drops the clear liquid onto the blood, the pink phone rings. Hserlock picks up the phone. Number is blocked. Sherlock ansrews it:

Sherlock: Hello.

Bomber (via the hostage): The clue’s in the name – Janus Cars.

Sherlock: Why would you be giving me a clue?

Bomber: Why does anyone do anything? Because I’m bored. We were made for each other, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Then talk to me in your own voice.

Bomber: Patience.

Phone hangs up. Sherlock lowers it, staring into the distance, then back to his experiment. (cut ends) He holds up the petri dish and smiles.

Importance: somewhat. Explains where Sherlock gets the “clue’s in the name” that he quotes in the next scene with Lestrade.

Good night, Vienna

Sherlock and John join Lestrade to inspect Connie Prince’s body at the morgue.

Sherlock: Something’s wrong with this picture.

Lestrade: Eh?


Sherlock: Can’t be as simple as it seems, otherwise the bomber wouldn’t be directing us towards it. Something’s wrong.

John at the Princes’ place

Raul (to John): Can I get you anything, sir?

John: Uh, No, thanks.

Kenny Prince smiles to Raul, who then leaves.

Kenny: Raoul is my rock. I don’t think I could have managed.

John turns half around to where Raoul had left then looks back at the brother.

Kenny: We always see eye to eye… but my sister was very dear to me.

The cat meows while on John’s lap. John moves the cat to the side.

John: And to the uh, public, Mr Prince.

Kenny: Oh,l she was adored. I’ve seen her take girls who looked like the back end of Routemasters and turn them into princesses. Still, it’s a relief, in a way, to know that she’s beyond this veil of tears.

Cat climbs back onto John’s lap and purrs loudly.

John (while leading far back away from the cat): Absolutely.

Shoot to Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade at 221B who are looking at Sherlock’s wall of clues..

Sherlock (talking on his own mobile phone): Great. Thank you. Thanks again.

He then turns and makes a couple steps away from Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and continues to talk in the background while Mr.s Hudson and Lestrade look at the wall.

Mrs. Hudson: It’s a real shame. I liked her. She taught you how to do your colours.

Lestrade (turns to her): Colours?

Mrs. Hudson: You know, what goes best with what. I hsould never wear cerise, apparently. Drains me.

Sherlock turns back towards them, hanging up the phone, and joins them again.

Lestrade (to Sherlock) Who’s that?

Sherlock (staring at the wall): Home office.

Lestrade: Home office?

Sherlock: Well, Home Secretary, actually. Owes me a favour. (puts his phone back into his jacket)

(cut ends)

Mrs. Hudson: She was a pretty girl, but she messed about with herself.

Raul gets arrested

John: So, people come to him wanting their crimes fixed up, like booking a holiday?

Sherlock: Novel.


John: Huh (looking at tv)

On the telly, John and Sherlock watch Raoul get put into a police car and photographers snapping away.

(cut ends)

Sherlock: Taking his time this time.

A minute later after John gets angry with Sherlock who appears to not care about people dying, and Sherlock replies with not being a hero.

Sherlock (after receiving a new pink phone message and John not wanting to help): Not much cop, this caring lark.

Sherlock types frantically on his own phone for clues about the River Thames clue. Gets to “Local News”.

John sits on the sofa, looking through the papers.

John (as he’s reading) Archway suicide…

Sherlock Ten-a-penny.

(cut ends)

Sherlock looks up info in Battersea.

(another cut)

John: Two kids stabbed in Stoke Newington.

Sherlock looks through “Thames Police Reports”

John: Ah, man found on the train line, Andrew West.

(cut ends)
Sherlock (not paying attention to John): Nothing! (calls Lestrade)

Dead man on the banks of the Thames

A second of the man laying on the banks. The sped-up arrival of a boat in the background both pulls up and (cut) then away from a dock/port.(cut ends).

Sherlock and John arrive on scene

Sherlock and John meet Lestrade and they discuss the situation. Then Lestrade asks him:

Lestrade: Any ideas?

Sherlock: Seven. So far.

Lestrade: Seven?


Sherlock closely inspects the deadman’s shirt

(cut ends)

Sherlock then takes off a sock and inspects the foot.

On the search for information

Sherlock and John leave the deadman. In the cab, Sherlock questions why he hasn’t heard from the bomber. Then tells the driver to go to Waterloo Bridge.

John: Where now, the gallery?

Sherlock: In a bit.

John: The Hickman’s contemporary art, isn’t it? Why have they got hold of an old master?

Sherlock (while pulling out a small notebook and pen): Don’t know. Dangerous to jump to conclusions. Need data.

(cut ends)

He writes something in the notebook, tears it out, and folds it up.

Shot of the outside of the cab as it rolls down the street.

John visits Alex’s flat

John asks Alex’s flatmate about him.

John: Stargazer, was he?

Woman: God, yeah. Mad about it.It’s all he ever did in his spare time. (cut) He was a nice guy, Alex. I liked him. He was, uh… never much of a one for hoovering.

(cut ends)

John: What about art? Did he know anything about that?

Woman: It was just a job, you know?

John(nods head): Mmm. (Turns around looking at more of Alex’s things) Has anyone else been round asking about Alex?

Woman: No. We had a break-in, though.

John (turning around facing the woman): Mmm? When?

Woman: Last night. There was nothing taken. (cut ends) Oh, there was a message left for Alex on the land line.

John: Who was it from?

Woman: I can play it for you, if you like. I’ll get the phone.

John: Please

She leaves to get the phone, comes back with the phone and presses a button.

Female voice on the other end: Oh, should I speak now? Alex? Love, it’s Professor Cairns. Listen, you were right. You were bloody right. Give us a call when…

phone hangs up.

John: Professor Cairns?

Woman: No idea, sorry


John: Can I try and ring back?

Woman: No good. I’ve had other calls since. Sympathy ones, you know.

(cut ends)

Woman turns and walks away. John phone rings. He pulls it out and reads a text from Mycroft.

Sherlock meets the museum’s curator

After Sherlock leaves, and curator stands for a few seconds longer staring at the painting, as the sound of the door that Sherlock exited creaks and then closes with a loud echo.

John meets with West’s fiance

John and the woman sit on a sofa inside her home.

Woman: He wouldn’t. He just wouldn’t

John: Stranger things have happened.

Woman: Westie wasn’t a traitor. It’s a horrible thing to say!

John: I’m sorry. But you must understand that’s…

Woman: That;s what they think, isn’t it, his bosses?

John: He was a young man, about to get married, he had debts.

Woman: Everyone’s got debts, and Westie wouldn’t want to clear them by selling out his country.

John: Can you, um…? Can you tell me exactly what happened that night?

Woman: We were having a night in. Just… watching a DVD. He normally falls asleep, you know, but he sat through this one. HE was quiet. Out of the blue he said he just had to go and see someone.

John: And you have no idea who?

John leaves followed by the woman. The woman’s brother walks up with his bicicle.

Brother: Hi, Liz. You ok, love?

Liz: Yeah.

Brother (giving a nod towards John): Who’s this?

John: John Watson, hi

Liz: This is my brother, Joe. John’s trying to find out what happened to Westie, Joe.

Joe: You with the police?

John: Sort of, yeah.

Joe: Tell them to get off their arses, will you? It’s blooody ridiculous.

John: I’ll do my best.

Joe turns back to Liz and puts a comforting hands on her shoulder. She nods, and he goes inside.

John (clears his throat) Well, uh, thanks very much for your help. Again, I’m very very sorry.

Liz (as John walks away): He didn’t steal those things Mr Watson. I knew Westie, he was a good man. He was my good man.

Importance: Very! It introduces Joe. Without this scene, the viewer is lost to know who he is later on when Sherlock and John confront him later on.

John in a cab

Night shot of John riding in a cab, cut.

Searching for the Golem

A couple shots of Sherlock and John with their flashlights inbetween shots of homeless people.

Back at Scotland Yard

After Sherlock solves the last case which frees the young boy, Sherlock, Lestrade and Mrs. Wenceslas are sitting in Lestrade’s office.

Sherlock (with his fingertips together, looking upward): You know, it’s interesting. Bohemian Stationary, as assassin named after a Prague legend, and you, Miss Wenceslas. This whole case has a distinctly Czech feeling about it. Is that where this leads? (cut ends) What are we looking at, Inspector?

Going to Joe’s home

From the train tracks to Joe’s (Liz’s brother), Sherlock and John talk about the stealing of the missile defense plans:

Sherlock: Missile defence plans haven’t left the country, otherwise Mycroft’s people would have heard about it. Despite what people think, we do still have a secret service.

John: Yeah, I know, I’ve met them.

Sherlock: Which means whoever stole the memory stick can’t sell it or doesn’t know what to do with it. My money’s on the latter.

They walk past a tall hedge and approaching stairs,

Sherlock: We’re here

John: Where?

They then turn right and go up the steps. (cut ends)

That’s it for the first season.  PBS is airing Season 2 on May 6.  I hope to put that trio up in time instead of after 1 1/2 years :).

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