Live Tweeting of the Sherlock Holmes Granada series – Join in!

A few weeks ago, I happened to catch on Twitter some discussion of tweets with people watching the more than awesome Sherlock Holmes TV series that starred Jeremy Brett and Holmes and David Burke (and later) Edward Hardwicke as Watson that was put out by Granada back in the 1980s-90s. Using the hashtag #GranadaHolmes, people on Twitter were watching and commenting on the episodes as it was playing. I started taking part in it and have been having a blast ever since.

Live Tweeting: What is it?

When you are experiencing the same thing at the same time (in this case, watching video) with others from different places around the world all at the same time, and posting tweets about it using a hashtag for others to follow along in the conversation. I have done it when PBS aired BBC’s Sherlock and have loved it.

Twitter has a great page about what it is and the benefits

When is it?

Every Thursday, 8pm EST.

How to get involved:

You don’t need a Twitter account to follow along with the conversation, but if you want to add in your own thoughts, go ahead and sign in or sign up at Twitter’s site.

We follow the schedule of Washingotn DC’s PBS channel, WETA UK (the people who started the livetweet live in DC), which is pretty much in the original ordar.

Where to watch:

If you live in the DC area, watch on WETA UK. If you live outside that area (like me), you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or the DVDs, or other places on the internet (though not very legal) like YouTube.

We are still in the David Burke era (we last watched The Greek Interpreter), so there’s still plenty of episodes to watch with other fans.

Here’s the latest in the #GranadaHolmes tweets:

So come in and join the fun!

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