Viva Le Paris! – And rediscovering Edith Piaf’s music

The early evening of the Friday attacks on Paris, France, I was waiting for Hank Green to upload his video, and a few minutes to 9pm EST I saw “Feeling about Paris”

And I thought “What’s going on in Paris?” And I watched his video and then googleged the news.

How tragically sad :(.

By coincidence, I had been playing a good amount of Assassin’s Creed Unity (a video game that takes place during the French Revolution, as well as bits in other historical parts of France) for the last couple weeks (finally finished it the other day!).  And about a week before the attacks, I began listening to a number of songs by the beautiful French singer Edith Piaf.  I had been wondering around with Spotify lists, and was scrolling down the songs for “Topsify Greatest Hits”.  Most of the songs, like 99%, are rock songs, a smattering of country songs, but one song stuck out: “Le Vie En Rose” (Life in Pink) by an Edith Piaf, #126 in the list.

Sort of weird to see a song, not sung in English, from 1947, in with a bunch of rock songs.

That title sounded familiar, so I listened to it.  I don’t know exactly where or when I had heard it before (a movie? A documentary?) but it certainly sounded familiar.  And then I began listening to more of her songs and several of them also sounded familiar.  So for the last several days, I’ve been listening to a lot of her stuff.

Here’s a YouTube video if you are not into using Spotify:

After listening to a number of her songs, I love this one the most.  I have heard the translated version, but it still sounds better in French, even though I don’t know any French.

Another song she is known for is “Non, je ne regrette rien” (No regrets)

If you are interested in hearing more of her music, go ahead and listen to her on Spotify or YouTube

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