Happy 128th birthday Charlie Chaplin!

On Chaplin’s birthday, I usually watch “Chaplin” (the one directed by Sir…err.. Lord Richard Attenborough and starring Robert Downey, Jr), The Gentleman Tramp and/or Unknown Chaplin documentaries, and the ’42 version of The Gold Rush (the re-edited version narrated by and music written by Chaplin himself. It was released on April 16, 1942). Sometimes an additional short film or two.

But this year I watched (or re-watched) some fan-made videos.  And now I’ll share them here:

Charlie Chaplin Tribute

One of the favrites by my kids is this one, by cldcollector. Great balance of film clips and home movies. Song is Gin Filled Boy by Divine Comedy.

Charlie Chaplin – Filmography/Montage/Tribute (Moby)

This one uses Moby’s Run On.  The beat remains pretty constant throughout the whole video. Hard for me to listen to the song without picturing the video in my head :D.


Charlie Chaplin // Birthday Tribute (2012)

This one I just found today.  It was made on his birthday 5 years ago, and somehow I haven’t seen this before. Played it several times today. Reeeaaalllly like it. Song is Light Surrounding You by Evermore

Chaplin, put to the music of Penguin Cafe Orchestra

This is something I wrote about here, but I’ll share again in this post. I’m a fan of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and while listening to the song, Perpetuum Mobile, I pictured the building of Chaplin’s Studio from How To Make Movies. And I matched it up, and, OMG, it strangely fits.

Start the song when How to Make Movies gets to “Hollywood, Cal.”. Ends as Charlie skips off into the background after trying the lemon. Rather fun I think.


So ,there we are.  Hope you  enjoyed those little bits of Chaplin delight C|:=:)

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