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March 11th, 2013 by Calvero

A few weeks ago, I happened to catch on Twitter some discussion of tweets with people watching the more than awesome Sherlock Holmes TV series that starred Jeremy Brett and Holmes and David Burke (and later) Edward Hardwicke as Watson that was put out by Granada back in the 1980s-90s. Using the hashtag #GranadaHolmes, people on Twitter were watching and commenting on the episodes as it was playing. I started taking part in it and have been having a blast ever since.

Live Tweeting: What is it?

When you are experiencing the same thing at the same time (in this case, watching video) with others from different places around the world all at the same time, and posting tweets about it using a hashtag for others to follow along in the conversation. I have done it when PBS aired BBC’s Sherlock and have loved it.

Twitter has a great page about what it is and the benefits

When is it?

Every Thursday, 8pm EST.

How to get involved:

You don’t need a Twitter account to follow along with the conversation, but if you want to add in your own thoughts, go ahead and sign in or sign up at Twitter’s site.

We follow the schedule of Washingotn DC’s PBS channel, WETA UK (the people who started the livetweet live in DC), which is pretty much in the original ordar.

Where to watch:

If you live in the DC area, watch on WETA UK. If you live outside that area (like me), you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or the DVDs, or other places on the internet (though not very legal) like YouTube.

We are still in the David Burke era (we last watched The Greek Interpreter), so there’s still plenty of episodes to watch with other fans.

Here’s the latest in the #GranadaHolmes tweets:

So come in and join the fun!

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July 7th, 2012 by Calvero

This one is so good, it deserves it’s own post.  I found it shortly after watching series 2 of BBC’s awesome “Sherlock” and, wow! What emotion it brought out!  Read My Mind almost brought me to tears,  Fix You got me really choked up, but this one got me crying.

Sherlock’s line about not having any friends and then later saying that he only has one is from the “Hounds of the Baskerville” episode. It’s partially taken from Doyle’s “The Five Orange Pips” story (from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes collection). In the beginning of the story, Watson visits Holmes at 221b (having moved out when he got married). They hear ringing the doorbell. Watson speaks:

“Why,” said I, glancing up at my companion, “that was surely the bell. Who could come to-night? Some friend of yours, perhaps?”

“Except yourself I have none,” he answered.

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June 16th, 2012 by Calvero

Finally, Reichenbach!  Took some time, and I was beginning to wonder if I would get this done before PBS took down the show from their website (which is still there, until the the 19th!)

Also want to say that I missed Alan Cumming not doing an intro for Baskerville and Reichenbach :(.  His other intros were awesome!

Poor John

A couple seconds are cut from John talking to his therapist, right after she asks him “What happened, John?”

Importance – Minor, though it does show John struggling even more to say what he wants to say.

Going to see the Crown Jewels

A couple seconds are cut as Jim enters the security scanner.

Away in handcuffs

A coupkle seconds cut of Jim being put into a police car and then Lestrade looking at Jim’s iPhone.


To the Courthouse

It’s cut from the moment Sherlock enters the police car to head to the trial up to the shot of the walking feet in the prison.


Jim and his gum

After showing the press coverage outside the courthouse, it’s cut where  Jim Moriarty is taken to his place in the courtroom.  His is held in place be three men.  A woman comes over to check him.

Jim: (turning to the woman) Would you mind slipping your hand into my pocket?

The woman looks towards one of the men, who nods.  So she slides her hand into his pocket and pulls out a piece of gum.  Jim sticks out his tongue and she places the gum there. He starts to chew.

Jim: (with a sly smile) Thanks.

She quietly walks away.


You repel me

A second of Kitty is cut right after Sherlock walks out of the bathroom.

Sherlock and Jim, prison buddies

Right after the judge sends Sherlock to a cell for “showing off”.  Right after he gets pushed in, cut of Jim also being put back into his cell.  Below is a great shot of the both of them:


Importance — Very little, though it’s a great shot of the both of them.

Sherlock senses something more

After John bails Sherlock out, they head back to Baker Street, continuing to talk about what’s going on.

Sherlock: The only reason why he’s still in a prison cell is because he chose to be there. (cut) Somehow, this is part of his scheme (cut ends).

You must find him guilty

The defense attorney says”the defense rests”.  Jim looks back to John who is sitting in the back with a smug smile.  Sherlock is at Baker Street.

Judge  and (who is imaigning what’s going on in the courtroom, in a voice barely louder than a whisper) Sherlock: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.  James Moriarty stands accused of several (just Sherlock is heard) accounts of attmpts of burglery.  Crimes, which if he is found guilty, *which could lead to a long sentence.  His legal team* (this part I could not understand what exactly Benedict was saying 🙁 ) (judge’s voice is heard again, Sherlock’s fades off) has chosen to offer no evidence whatsoever to support their plea.  I find myself in the unusual position of recommending a verdict wholeheartedly.


Sherlock: You must find him guilty. (closes his eyes) Guilty.

Judge: You must find him guilty. (cut ends)

John and Mycroft, together again

A couple seconds are cut of the car pulling up beside John after he tried, unsuccessfully, to  use an ATM, and a second or so more while going into the Diogenes Club.

After John is taken back to Baker Street, there’s some shots of the hit men and woman wandering around the vicinity.


 At the school

Although no dialogue was cut, a second here and there was cut while they were at the school.

Anybody can walk in anywhere if they pick the right moment

Right after Sherlock scraps bits of the floor, cut of he and John in a cab.


John: How can he get past the CCTV? If all the doors were locked…

Sherlock: He walked in when they weren’t locked.

John: But a stranger can’t just walk into a school like that.

Sherlock: Anyone can walk in anywhere if they pick the right moment.  Yesterday, end of term, parents milling around  chauffers, staff. What’s one more stranger among them?  He was waiting for them. all he had to do was find a place to hide.

Shot of exterior of St. Bart’s is also cut.  Edit ends with shot of hallway inside the hospital.

Molly and Sherlock

Right as Sherlock is identifying the chemicals in the lab.

Molly: What did you mean, I owe you? (cut) You said I owe you? (cut ends). You were muttering it while you were working?

Sherlock: Nothing. Mental note.

Bits and pieces

Second here and there cut from the factory and after Sherlock enters the cab from the police station.  Lestrade with Donovan and Anderson.  Sherlock and John being chased around London.

Sherlock and John apporoach Kitty… and face “Richard Brook”

The first few seconds of Kitty exiting her car and walking up to her residence.  She opens the door.


Sherlock is pacing back and forth.  Kitty sitting on a chair.

Sherlock: Congratulations.  The truth about Sherlock Holmes.  The scoop that everyone weanted, and you got it. (in a loud whisper) Bravo!

Kitty: I gave you every oppertunity.  I wanted to be on your side, remember? You turned me down.

Sherlock: Someone turns up and spills all the beans.  How utterly conveniant.  Who’s Brook?

Kitty shakes her head.

Sherlock: (cut) Oh , come on Kitty.  No one trusts the voice at the end of the telephone.  And all those flirty little meetings in cafes, those sessions in hotel rooms where you get it on dictaphone. How do you know you can trust him. (cut ends)  Man turns up with the Holy Grail in his pocekts.  What were his credentials?

After they unsucessfully try to catch up with Jim, the last few seconds of John standing in the street alone are cut.


 Sherlock visits Molly

A couple seconds are cut of Molly walking our of a room, turning off the light and passing through the lab.  Sherlock surprises her.

Sherlock: You were wrong, you know.  You do count.  You always counted and I’ve always trusted you. (turns toward her) You were right.  I’m not okay.

Molly: Tell me what’s wrong.

Sherlock: (slowly walks toward her) (cut) Molly, (cut ends) I think I’m going to die.

Molly: What do you need?

(cut) Sherlock: I wasn’t everything you think I am.  Everything I think I am. Do you still want to help me?

Molly: What do you need? (cut ends)

Sherlock: (Walking a couple steps clser, looking her staright into her eyes) You.

Confronting, and scolding, Mycroft

John is sitting in the Diogenes Club, with papers, his back to Mycroft who is coming in from behind him.  As soon as Mycroft enters…

John: She has really done her homework, Ms. Riley (turns halfway towards Mycroft). There are things that only someone close to him would know.

Mycroft: Ahh…

Have you seen your brother’s address book lately?  Two names. Yours, and mine.  And Moriarty didn’t get this stuff from me.

Mycroft: John…

John: (cutting him off) So how does it work, then? Your relationship? (Mycroft sits down at a chair opposite) You go out for a coffee, now and then?  Eh? You and Jim?  (cut) Your own brother, and you blabbed about his entire life to this maniac?

Mycroft: I never intend… I never dreamt. (cut ends).

John: This… you see this (holding a paper in his hand, looking down at more sitting on his lap) This is what you were trying to tell me, isn’t it? ‘Watch his back, because I’ve made a mistake’

Back at Bart’s

Exterior of Bart’s hospital is cut by a few seconds

The rooftop

Various seconds here and there cut, no dialogue or important actions cut out.

After the fall

Cut between the marksman who was aiming for John from the window putting away his gun, up until the scene with John and his therapist.  No dialogue.




Stuff that you wanted to say

Right at the end of the shot of John sitting at Baker Street, there is a voice-over of his therapist.

Therapist: The stuff that you wanted to say (cut ends)(shot of John in the therapist office) but didn’t say it.

And that was about it for the edits. Yay!

What I’ve learned

Writing out a good bit of dialougue and describing actions has been some experience.  While there is a *ton* to admire in just watching (and rewatching, over and over) the show, through this project I have had a deeper appreciation of the skills of Moffat, Gatiss, and Thompson (aka “the ‘other’ Steven”) as writers (as well as Cumberbatch, Freeman, and the gang, as actors).

And I would like to think that my observational skills have increased… I like to *think* that…

Okay now, hurray up with series 3 guys! I know I’m not the only one to say that I’m looking forward to it!




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June 1st, 2012 by Calvero

I have been dealing with a couple health setbacks since Saturday before it aired, so I have a later start with this than I had planned.  Now that I’m feeling almost 100% better, I can tackle the Hounds!

Thanks for those of you who told me they enjoyed my previous posts about the differences. Special thanks to the Baker Street Blog for being nice enough putting my write-up for Scandal in Belgravia on their news page.

To watch the PBS version online, you can view it for free on their website until June 19.

Sherlock, you should apologize

Mrs. Hudson storms out of their room, hurt by the deductions that Sherlock has made about her.

John:  What the bloody hell was that all about?


(cut) Sherlock (gives out a short exhale, rocking himself in his non-rocking chair) You don’t understand.

John: Go after her and apologize (thumbing to the door behind him).

Sherlock: Apologize?

John (nodding): Mm-hmm.

Sherlock: (takes a breath) Oh, John, I envy you so much.

John looks at him, puts down his thumbed arm and rests his on his other arm.

John (not knowing whether to believe it or not): You envy me?

Sherlock: (looking off to the side): Your mind is so placid, straight-forward, barely used.  Mine’s like an engine, racing out of control.  A rocket, tearing itself to pieces, trapped on the launchpad. (cut ends) (shouts): I  NEED A CASE! (shaking his arms).

John: (shakes his arms, imitating Sherlock) YOU JUST SOLVED ONE! By harpooning a dead pig, apparently.

Importance — Somewhat.  Continues Sherlock’s opinion of John’s brain (and probably everyone else’s) not being seriously used.  And a side comment about Sherlock’s entrance with a harpoon, which is from The Adventure of  Black Peter.

To Gripen

A second here and there cut of the different shots of the moor. And a couple seconds of Sherlock and John silently traveling to Grimpen.  Also a second or two of mroe traveling after Sherlock and John take a stop to get a lay of the land.

At the inn

Shot of Sherlock walking in the door of the inn was cut.

Talking with Fletcher

A brief second cut from Sherlock and Fletcher’s conversation

At Baskerville

A couple quick shots when Sherlock and John pull up the the security gate are cut.


After passing the main security gate, a few seconds are cut of Sherlock and John driving a bit more then getting out of the vehicle and begin walking.   Below is a shot that was cut, of them walking away from the vehicle.  Cut ends when Corporal Lyons drives up.


Importance – Somewhat.  One second they are in the Hummer-like vehicle, next second they are on foot.  This bit helps explain that.

Inside the labs

Sherlock and John are led by Corporal Lyons through the different labs.   John asks Lyons questions while Sherlock, while following, looks around the rooms.

John: So what exactly is it that you do here?

(cut) Lyons: I thought you’d know, sir, this being an inspection.

John:  Well, I’m not an expert, am I?

(cut ends) Lyons: Everything from stem cell research to trying to cure the common cold, sir.

A few seconds later, the three walk through swinging doors, approaching Stapleton

Lyons: Dr. Stapleton?

Sherlock (to himself): Stapleton…

Stapleton: (cut) Yes? (cut ends) Who’s this?

Importance — Very minor. Just a little snip.

Leaving Baskerville

Cut scene of Sherlock and John driving away from Baskerville:

John: So the email from Kirsty, the, uh, missing luminous rabbit?

Sherlock: Kirsty Stapleton, whose mother specializes in genetic manipulation.

John: She made her daughter’s rabbit glow-in-the-dark?

Sherlock: Probably a florescent gene. Removed and spliced into the specimen. Simple enough these days.

John: So…?

Sherlock: So we know that Dr. Stapelton performs secret genetic experiments on animals. Question is, has she been working on something deadlier than a rabbit?

John takes a breath and nods.

John: To be fair, that is a pretty wide field.

They both exchange looks.

Looking for trouble on the moor

Random shots of Sherlock, John, and Henry exploring the moor at night that were shortened or cut.

Back at Henry’s

This whole scene was cut. The three of them return to Henry’s right after the moor.

Henry: Look, you must have seen it, I saw it. You *must* have… you *must* have… why? (Sherlock walks to another room.  John and Henry continue into the living room) Why would he say that? It was there. It *was*…

John: Henry (takes Henry gently by the arm and points him to a place to sit down) Henry, I need for you to sit down. Try and relax. Listen, I’m going to give you something to help you sleep, alright?

Henry: (sitting down, while John is talking) I’m okay. I’m okay…

Henry unwraps and takes off his scarf while John goes to a corner of the room

Henry: It’s good… it’s all good.  I’m not crazy. (putting his scarf to the side, voice shaky) There is a hound. There is… And Sherlock, he saw it too.  No matter what he says, he saw it.

Scene cross fades from Henry in his home to profile of Sherlock at the inn in front of the fireplace joined by John. Cut ends.


Importance – Somewhat.  Begins to show that Henry feels confident that he isn’t crazy because he knows that Sherlock saw something  out there.

The sleepy meds aren’t working

Between John leaving Sherlock at the fireplaces, a short scene of Henry is cut.  Shows him not able to sleep after John had given him something.  He walks from the couch a few feet to the large windowed back wall.  He has violent memories of “Liberty” and  “In”.  Cut ends with John investigating the blinking lights.

Sherlock and John

A few shots of Sherlock approaching John in the church cemetery were cut.  And a little cut of Sherlock preparing John’s cup of coffee.

Lestrade on the case

After Lestrade interagates Billy and Gary at the inn, there’s a couple shots cut of Billy and Gary exchanging guilty glances.

Back to Baskerville

Sherlock and John drive back to Baskerville.  Stopping at the gate, a guard meets them.

(cut) Guard: Afternoon (?) sir.  Turn the engine off.

Sherlock hands over his proper ID now, and the guard walks away to check it.

Sherlock: I need to see Major Barrymore as soon as we get inside.

John: Right.

Sherlock: Which means you’ll have to start a search for the hound.

John: Okay.

Sherlock: In the labs.  Stapleton’s first.  Could be dangerous.

While Sherlock is talking another guard walks a dog to the front to check the vehicle.

The first guard hands Sherlock back his ID, and the gate opens. (cut ends) They drive through and down the road.

Cut of scene of  Major Barrymore and Sherlock in Barrymore’s office.

Barrymore (sarcastic): Oh, you’d know I’d love too.  I’d love to give you secret access to this place. Why not?

Sherlock: This isn’t a request major.

Barrymore (irritated): I’d never heard of anyhting so bizarre

Sherlock: Give me 24 hours.  It’s what I negotiated.

Barrymore: And not a second more.  I may have to comply with this order, but I don’t have to like it. (turns around in his chair.  Sherlock turns and begins to step out of the door)  I don’t know what the hell you expect to find here anyway.

Sherlock: Perhaps the truth.

Barrymore: About what? (looks down then up at Sherlock) Oh, I see.  The big coat should have told me.  You’re one of the conspiracy lot, aren’t you?  (smirks) Well, then, go ahead.  Seek them out the monsters, the death rays, the aliens.

Sherlock (raises an eyebrow): You got any of those?

Barrymore rolls his eyes.

Sherlock (sarcastically) : Oh, just wondering.

Barrymore (leans in): A couple.   Crashed landed here in the 60s.  We call it Abbott and Costello. (turns back to his desk) Good luck Mr. Holmes.

Sherlock turns and walks out, the door closing behind him.

Cut ends with exterior shot of Henry’s house

Importance — Pretty important.  Sets up more of what Sherlock’s plan was for he and John.  And hooray for the mention of Abbott and Costello! It ‘s thrown in there  oddly, but a mention non the less. Like Chaplin’s appearance in Scandal, I’m a big fan of Bud and Lou as well.

John investigates

A couple quick shots of John checking out the labs were shortened.

Cracking Barrymore’s password

Right before Stapleton, Sherlock, and John going to a lab room with computers, there is a shot of a man in camoflage gear walking out of another door before the camera pans over.

The rest of it is surprisingly intact. Yay!

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May 11th, 2012 by Calvero

Firstly, I am not connected to the BBC, PBS, or anything like that.  I’m just a fanof both the show and the original stories :).  This is not an official list, just one that I put together on my own.  🙂

I have discovered that doing these differnces betweeen the original BBC version and the recut PBS version is like those cartoons in the paper where there are two pictures, but with six differences, and your job is to notice them. In fact, there is a Sherlock version of that game: the Sherlock Observation Game. (I keep getting the rank of DI Lestrade…. I feel insulted!… yes I”m kidding, of course…sorta).

But this “game” is different in that it’s video, and the total amount of edits are unknown (to me, anyway). So there is that challenge.

This is my second go (or fourth, if you count episodes rather than seasons).  Go here for A Study in Pink (includes screenshots), The Blind Banker, and The Great Game

I will say though that this is done for fun. I’m not ranting away at PBS who,I later learned from Steven Moffat himself, did not make the cuts:

The-real-editors jiminy-cricket

 Though I do wish they would have played it “as is”.  But yes, the DVD and Netflix will have the full version, just like the first season. (YAY!)

(Note – I have done a basic clean up of my notes so there are bound to be a few mispellings. I only have included a small number of the screenshots, the rest of those will be added later.  And I’ll add more of  my opinions on the importance of the cut scenes later.)

And awaaaayy we go:

Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The opening credits. This wasn’t a change but a pleasant surprise that the PBS version kept the same opening credits, unlike the first season.

Blog Envy

Right after Sherlock questions about John blogging “The Geek Intrepter” (haha! Pun on The Greek Intrepreter”), it cuts to John and Sherlock examining a dead woman on a slab in the morgue:


(Note to self: Must make above image wallpaper for laptop….. Done!)

Sherlock: Do you think people actually read your blog?

John: Where do you think our clients come from?

Sherlock: I have a website.

John:  In which you write about 240 different types of tobacco ash.  Nobody’s reading your website.

Sherlock gives John  a cold hard stare.  Both rise from bending over the body, John still looking at the woman, Sherlock still giving John a mean look.

John: Right then. Died. Blonde hair.  No obvious cause of death, except for these speckles, whatever they are.

In the middle of John’s observation, Sherlock turns, still iriitated, walks out of the room, followed by Lestrade.

Importance – We begin to see the popularity of John’s blog growing, just as in the canon Watson’s stories also became more popular.

More blogging at Baker Street

John is sitting at his laptop typing away again in his blog.  Sherlock comes around from the kitchen, paper in one hand, food in another.  He looks over to John, walks over to read what John’s writing

Sherlock: Oh, for Godsakes.  The Speckled Blonde?

Then walks away.  John stops typing and looks up.

Cut to scene of the two little girls in Baker Street telling Sherlock and John about their grandfather.

Importance – Somwwhat.  Shows the buildup of Sherlock’s irritation of John’s writing.  Which is very similar to how Holmes felt about Watson publishing about their cases.

Even more blogging in Baker Street

Sherlock confronts John about writing about the unsolved cases.

John “This blog has had almost 2000 hits within the last 8 hours.  This is your living Sherlock!  (cut) Not 240 types of tobacco ash.

Sherlock: 243 (puts his saftey glasses on and flares up his handheld flamer (for lack of a better word).

I think it’s time, don’t you?

Merging from the scene of Irene Adler calling someone on her phone to the (nice!) crane shot of the exterior of 221B.  Just a couple seconds, barely noticeable.

Also a cut of Mr.s Hudson cleaning up the flat by taking a mug and a jug of milk (eww!) off the mantel.

 Boys, you got another one!

After man comes in and then faints, Mrs. Hudsonshouts out to the boys and then sympathitically bends over and looks down at the man and lets out a “ohh”

Helicopter for John

After Sherlock’s leptop is closed, John is told that a helicopter was landing for him.  The below shot is cut.


Another nitpick

The gentleman walking in and placing down Sherlock’s clothes in front of him is cut as well.

Later, at Buckingham Palace…

After John joins Sherlock  on the couch. John notices Sherlock is not wearing any pants, they laugh, he then looks around

John: Buckingham Palace.  (cut) I’m seriously fighting an impulse to steal an ashtray. (cut ends)

They both giggle more.

The Woman

Mycroft introduces the case to Sherlock and shows him pictures of Irane Adler

Mycroft: There are many names for what she does.  She prefers dominatrix.

(cut) Sherlock (still looking at the photos): Dominatrix…

Mycroft: Don’t be alarmed. It has to do with sex.

Sherlock (sharply looking up at Mycroft): Sex doesn’t alarm me.

Mycroft (smugly smiles): How would you know?(cut ends)

A couple minutes later…

Sherlock: Where is she?

Mycroft: In London, currently.  She’s staying…

Sherlock: Text me the details. I’ll be in touch by the end of the day.

(cut) Harry: Do you really think you’ll have news by then?

Sherlock: No, I think I’ll have the photographs

Harry: One can only hope you’re as good as you seem to think.

Sherlock then looks at him and makes the following deductions about Harry —

  • Dog Lover
  • Horse Rider
  • Publis School
  • Early Riser
  • Left Side of Bed
  • Non-Smoker
  • Father
  • Half  Welsh
  • Keen Reader
  • Tea Drinker


Sherlock: I’ll need some equipment of course.

Mycroft: Anything you require, I’ll have it sent…

Sherlock (interrupting): Can I have a box of matches?

Harry: I’m sorry?

Sherlock: Ot your cigerrette lighter,either would do (holds out his hand towards Harry)

Harry: I don’t smoke.

Sherlock: No, I know you don’t but your employer does

John (looks confused, then looks down)

Harry (reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter): We have kept a lot of people successful in the dark about this little fact, Mr Holmes.

Sherlock: I’m not the commonwealth (turns to leave)

John: And that’s as modest as he gets.  Pleasure to meet you (turns and follows Sherlock (cut ends)

Sherlock: La’ers

Both leave the room

Later in the cab


John: Okay, the smoking.  How did you know?

Sherlock: The evidence was right under your nose John. As ever, you see but do not osberve.

John: Observe what?

Sherlock (reaching into his coat and pulls out…) An ashtray (flips it in the air)

Both of them laugh

Pictures are shown being taken by someone of both men in the cab (cut ends) and then a shot of Irene holding her phone, looking at them.

Breakfast at Baker Street

Sherlock, John are sitting at the table.  Sherlock reading the paper, John eating.  Mycroft is facing them, standing in front of the fireplace.

Mycroft:  How can we do anything while she has the photographs.  Our hands are tied.

Sherlock: She’d applaud your choice of words.  (cut begins) Do you see how this works?  That camera phone is her ‘get out of jail free’  card.  HAve to leave her alone.  Treat her like royalty Mycroft.

John:  Though not how she treats royalty (cut ends)

Holmes’ phone makes a ring, the sound of a woman’s gasp

A Christmas evening with the gang

A couple seconds of Sherlock playing the violin from the beginning of the crossing over from the last scene to the Chrstimas scene.

Calling Mycroft

After Sherlock hangs up with Mycroft and John comes in to check in on him

John: You ok?

Sherlock: Yes (and closes the door. (cut) (He stares out while walking back to his bad)

Shot to Mycroft, still holding his phone, staring out of the window as the snow falls. Then turns and walks away.

At Bart’s Morgue

A couple seconds cut from Sherlock and Mycroft walking down the hall to the morgue.

Later when Sherlock and Mycroft walk out, there’s a second of Molly (poor Molly!) cut. The nice camera shot of the back of Sherlock’s head through the morgue’s window is shortened.

After Sherlock and Mycroft wish each other Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year, Mycroft stays inthe hallway and calls John who is still at 221B.

Mycroft: He’s on his way. Have you found anything?

John: No. Did he take the cigerrette?

Mycroft: Yes.

John: (with a sigh) Shit (turns around to Mrs. Hudson) He’s coming. Ten minutes.

Mrs. Hudson: There’s nothing in the bedroom.

John (back on the phone) No, it looks like he’s clean. We’ve tried all the usual places. Are you sure tonight’s the danger night?

Mycroft: No. But I never am. You have to stay with him John.

John: Uh, I’ve got plans.

Mycroft: Nooo. (and hangs up)

(back to 221B) John: Mycroft…Mm (hangs up his end and turns toward his girlfriend who is sitting on the sofa. He joins her) I’m really sorry.

Jeanette: You know, my friends are so wrong about you.


John: Hmm?

Jeanette: You’re a great boyfriend.

John (taken by surprise, looks away) Ok, that’s good. (turns back to her) I always thought I was great.

Jeanette (looking at her watch): Sherlock Holmes is a very lucky man.

John (makes an exasperating sound): Jeanette, please.

Jeanette: No I mean it. It’s heart warming. You’ll do anything for him. (gets up to leave) You can’t even tell your girlfriends apart.

John (gets up and follows her to the door): Look, I’ll do anything for you. Just tell me what it is I’m not doing!

Jeanette: Don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes!

John: I’ll walk your dog for you. I said it now, I walk your…

Jeanette: I don’t have a dog!

John (in a loud whisper to himself): Because that was the last one…okay.

Jeanette: Jesus! (picks up her things and walks out)

John: I’ll call you.

Jeanette: No!

John: Okay ( and walks back inside)

Mrs. Hudson: That wasn’t very good, was it?

Importance – Helps show more of Mycroft’s and John’s concern for Sherlock.  Not happy that the scene with John and Jeanette was cut.  I am a gigantic fan of her grandfather, the legendary Charlie Chaplin (yes, *that* Charlie Chaplin).  And there are multi-faceted connections between Sherlock Holmes and Charlie Chaplin which I will write about in a future post, one of them being that as a boy he was in the Sherlock Holmes play as Billy the page during the very early 20th century.

Later at 221B

Exterior shot of the outside of 221B with a cab driving by is cut.  John is sitting in his chair reading a book. Sherlock walks in, looksing dazed. John puts down his book and turns around.

John: Oh, hi.

Sherlock stands in the doorway, slowly looks around the room.

John: You okay?

Sherlock still looks around and walks away.

Sherlock: Hope you didn’t mess up my sock index this time.

John turns forward, puts his book down, and rubs his hand on his face, sighs, and rests his face in it. (cut ends.  Yup from Mycroft calling John up until now was cut)

Sherlock composing

Next shot is of Sherlock playing his violin and writing down music in front of oen of the long windows in the living room. The first shot of the hallway is cut.

After Sherlock attempting and failing with the 1895 passcode, John mentions that he’s going out.

John: Well, I’m going out for a bit.

Sherlock continues to playin, not replying to him.  John walks to the kitchen where Mr’s Hudson is claening up.  He picks up his keys off the table.

John (talking a little above a whisper): Listen, has he had any kind of girlfriend, boyfriend, a realtionship? Ever?

Mrs. Hudson( also talking just above a whisper): I don’t know.

They both look toward Sherlock who is still playing the violin, his back to them.

John turns back to Mrs. Hudson.

John (in a somewhat frustrated tone): How could we not know?

Mrs. Hudson (shrugs): He’s Sherlock.  How will we ever know what goes on in that funny old head?

John smiles, and they both turn toward Sherlock again.

John (tosses his keys a little into the air): Alright, see ya.

He turns and walks out.  (cut ends) Mrs. Hudson looks at Sherlock again while the sound of John’s footsteps are heard going down the stairs.  She walks out of the room.

221B exterior.  John walks out the front door and starts walking down the sidewalk.  A woman in a black dress is standing outside calls out to him.

Woman: John?

John: (turning around.  The sounds of Sherlock’s violin can still be heard) Yep? (sees woman) Hello.(then struck by her looks.  Slower, he speaks again) Hello.

Woman: So.  Any plans for New Year’s tonight?

John (slying smiling): Ahh (looks behind him then back to her).  Nothing fixed.  Nothing I couldn’t heartlessly abandon.  You have any ideas?

The woman looks behind her.

Woman: One. (cut ends) A black car pulls up right next to where they’re standing.  He shakes his head a little.

John looks over to the car and then walks towards it.

John: You know, Mycroft could just phone me, if he didn’t have this bloody, stupid, power complex.

Sherlock to the rescue

A couple seconds is cut of Sherlock looking up the stairs with a look of quiet seething on his face

Importance – minor.  Perosnally, I am glad that this scene was not cut more than that.  This is my favorite scene in the episode :).

After Sherlock sprays and headbutts the gunman, the is a couple cut of Sherlock looking back at the gunman after checking Mrs. Hudson and the black car pulling up and John getting out.

Later when John is attending to Mrs. Hudson’s injuries, the gunman’s shadow is seen falling and a crashing sound is heard.

Mrs. Hudson: Oh, that was right on top of my bins!

The groaning of the gunman from outside is cut out

X-raying the phone

A couple seconds are cut out near the end of the scene with Sherlock and Molly.

The trio at Baker Street

After Sherlok and John finding Irene asleep in Sherlock’s bed, they begin to ask her questions.

Sherlock: So who’s after you?

Irene: PEople who want to kill me.

Sherlock: And who’s that?

Irene: Killers.

(cut) John: It would help yif you were a tiny bit more specific.(cut ends)

Sherlock: So you faked you’re own death in order to get ahead of them?

Irene: It’ll work for a while.

Sherlock: Except you let John know you’re alive and therefore me.

Irene: I knew you’d keep my secret.

Sherlock: You couldn’t.

Irene: But you did, didn’t you?


Irene: Where’s my camera phone?

John: It’s not here. We’re not stupid.

Irene:  (cut) Then what have you done with it? (cut ends) If they guessed you got it, they’ll be watching you.

Dear me Mr. Holmes, dear me.

A few seconds of Mycroft sitting with a look of worry on his face is cut.

Catching a flight

A souple seconds are cut from the car that is driving Sherlock to the plane.

After the confrontation with Mycroft and Irene, there’s a couple seconds of the plane’s exterior that was cut.

An unlikely meeting place

In the rain, John and Mycroft meet in front of the Speedy’s sandwich shop.  A couple seconds are cut from the time Mycroft steps on his cigerrette to after John follows him int othe cafe.

Another second is cut after Mycroft mentions that initially Sherlock wanted to be a pirate.

Last couple seconds of silence at the end of the scene are also cut.

John hands over Irene’s phone

Sherlock: That her phone?

John: Yes, I was just about to take it back. (looks at Sherlock who has gone back to sitting at his microscope) Do you want to…?

Sherlock takes a deep breath.  John quietlystands there, still holding Irene’s file and phone, looking at Sherlock.  A couple seconds is cut of him standing there.

John: Listen, actually….

Sherlock: No, but I will have the camera phone then. (He holds out his hand while still looking through his microscope)

John (looking down at the pile of Irene’s file) But there’s nothing on it any more.  It’s been stripped.

Sherlock: I know, but I…(moves his hand again towards John, still looking through the microscope) I’ll still have it.

(cut) John: I’ve gotta give this back to Mycroft.  You can’t keep it…

Sherlock, still holding out his hand. (cut ends)

John: Sherlock, I have to give this to Mycroft.  It’s the government’s now.  I couldn’t…

Sherlock (still holding out his hand): Please.

John looks at Sherlock’s hand and then back to him.  He thinks about it and then goes inside the clear plastic bag and pulls out the phone and puts it in Sherlock’s hand.

Sherlock: Thank you (all while still looking thorugh his microscope.)


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May 8th, 2012 by Calvero

While I’m working on my second round of differences between the BBC & PBS versions (see the beginning here), I’ve embedded “A Scandal in Belgravia” here.

If you missed the PBS airing of it, they have it on their website and app (here are links for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad apps). According to the site, it’s available online until June 5. I have it embedded below. I tried to get it only embed once, but the way the code is, I need to do it twice for the whole episode.

If you make it full screen, there’s less of the top bar (or watch it on their site… no bar there!)

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

Below is the rest. I know it says it’s just the first chapter, but trust me, it’s the rest :).

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scandal in Belgravia on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

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February 22nd, 2012 by Calvero

[Like with notes for The Blind Banker, the following are rough notes for The Great Game.  I’ll fix ’em up and make ’em look pretty in a few days.  Why put them up when they are pretty already?  Obvious (sorry, slipped into sounding like Sherlock, haha).  PBS has both of their versions of The Blind Banker and The Great Game online, but only until Feb 29 (A Study in Pink is up until Mar 1).  If I waited until they were pretty, the videos would probably down :(.  So I decided to put them up…. Hmmm… Maybe that only makes sense to me?]

I did find myself having to note when and where cuts were done.  It seems like there were multiple cuts wintin single scenes that wasn’t in earlier episodes.  I will recheck Pink and Banker again.

Rough notes follow — Warning: Misspellings nad grammar errors are bound to be found…

Oh, and spoilers!

Mycroft introduces the case

Mycroft Holmes is at 221B and introduces a case for his brother and John to solve. While explaining what happened to Andrew West:

John: Jumped in front of a train?

Mycroft: Seems the logical assumption

John: But?


Mycroft: But?

John: Well, you wouldn’t be here if it was just an accident

Sherlock laughs while wiping his violin bow

(cut ends)

Mycroft: The MoD is working on a new missile defence system, the Bruce-Partington Program, it’s called. The plans were for it were on a memory stick.

(cut again)

John: (chuckles while looking at the papers that Mycroft had handed him) That wasn’t very clever.

Sherlock smiles, while still wiping his violin bow.

Mycroft: It’s not the only copy.

John: Oh.

Mycroft: But it is secret. And missing.

John: Top secret?

Mycroft: Very. (cut ends) We think West must have taken the memory stick. We can’t possibly risk it falling into the wrong hands.

On the way to Scotland Yard

After Lestrade calls Sherlock, both he and John leave 221B in a cab and head towards the Yard.

Examining the shoes at Bart’s

After the first communication with the bomber (via the hostage) at 221C, there is a cut to Sherlock examining the sneakers at Bart’s. A couple shots were cut out.

Later in that same scene, with John…

Sherlock: The only mystery is this – why’s my brother so determined to bore me when somebosy else is being so delightfully interesting?


John: Try and remember there’s a woman who might die.

Sherlock: What for? There’s hospitals full of people dying, Doctor. Why don’t you go cry by their bedside and see what good it does them?

(cut ends)

Computer beeps, with message “SEARCH COMPLETED”

Back to Baker Street

After Sherlock talks about the case of Carl Powers and his missing shoes. Cut of Sherlock thinking while in the cab while shortly later being at 221B.

John meets with Mycroft

Mycroft gives John some more facts about about Adrew West and asks how Sherlock is doing with solving it.

Mycroft: How is he getting on?

John: He’s fine. (cut) And it is going…very well. He’s, um… (cut ends) He’s completely focused on it.

Abandoned car found

After Sherlock finishes talked with the bomber (via another hostage), there’s just a second cut of a pan over from the river to the lot where the abandoned car is.

A couple seconds later Sherlock and John arrive at the scene. Lestrade goes into explaining the situation:

Lestrade: Told his wife he was going away on a business trip and he never arrived.


Donovan: You’re still hanging round him.

John: Yeah, well…

Donovan: Opposites attract, I s’pose.

John: We’re not…

Donovan You should get yourself a hobby. Stamps, maybe. Model trains. Safer.

This last line was said over Sherlock checking out the driver’s side of the car. Muted in PBS version.

Just finished talking with Mrs. Monkford.

Sherlock: That’s not a mistake a murderer would make.

John: I see… (cut) No, I don’t. What am I seeing?

Donovan (calling out to John) Fishing. Try fishing

John (turns around to see Donovan, then (cut ends) back to Sherlock): Where now?

Sherlock at the lab

A couple seconds cut of Sherlock testing the blood sample from the abandoned car.

Right after he drops the clear liquid onto the blood, the pink phone rings. Hserlock picks up the phone. Number is blocked. Sherlock ansrews it:

Sherlock: Hello.

Bomber (via the hostage): The clue’s in the name – Janus Cars.

Sherlock: Why would you be giving me a clue?

Bomber: Why does anyone do anything? Because I’m bored. We were made for each other, Sherlock.

Sherlock: Then talk to me in your own voice.

Bomber: Patience.

Phone hangs up. Sherlock lowers it, staring into the distance, then back to his experiment. (cut ends) He holds up the petri dish and smiles.

Importance: somewhat. Explains where Sherlock gets the “clue’s in the name” that he quotes in the next scene with Lestrade.

Good night, Vienna

Sherlock and John join Lestrade to inspect Connie Prince’s body at the morgue.

Sherlock: Something’s wrong with this picture.

Lestrade: Eh?


Sherlock: Can’t be as simple as it seems, otherwise the bomber wouldn’t be directing us towards it. Something’s wrong.

John at the Princes’ place

Raul (to John): Can I get you anything, sir?

John: Uh, No, thanks.

Kenny Prince smiles to Raul, who then leaves.

Kenny: Raoul is my rock. I don’t think I could have managed.

John turns half around to where Raoul had left then looks back at the brother.

Kenny: We always see eye to eye… but my sister was very dear to me.

The cat meows while on John’s lap. John moves the cat to the side.

John: And to the uh, public, Mr Prince.

Kenny: Oh,l she was adored. I’ve seen her take girls who looked like the back end of Routemasters and turn them into princesses. Still, it’s a relief, in a way, to know that she’s beyond this veil of tears.

Cat climbs back onto John’s lap and purrs loudly.

John (while leading far back away from the cat): Absolutely.

Shoot to Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade at 221B who are looking at Sherlock’s wall of clues..

Sherlock (talking on his own mobile phone): Great. Thank you. Thanks again.

He then turns and makes a couple steps away from Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and continues to talk in the background while Mr.s Hudson and Lestrade look at the wall.

Mrs. Hudson: It’s a real shame. I liked her. She taught you how to do your colours.

Lestrade (turns to her): Colours?

Mrs. Hudson: You know, what goes best with what. I hsould never wear cerise, apparently. Drains me.

Sherlock turns back towards them, hanging up the phone, and joins them again.

Lestrade (to Sherlock) Who’s that?

Sherlock (staring at the wall): Home office.

Lestrade: Home office?

Sherlock: Well, Home Secretary, actually. Owes me a favour. (puts his phone back into his jacket)

(cut ends)

Mrs. Hudson: She was a pretty girl, but she messed about with herself.

Raul gets arrested

John: So, people come to him wanting their crimes fixed up, like booking a holiday?

Sherlock: Novel.


John: Huh (looking at tv)

On the telly, John and Sherlock watch Raoul get put into a police car and photographers snapping away.

(cut ends)

Sherlock: Taking his time this time.

A minute later after John gets angry with Sherlock who appears to not care about people dying, and Sherlock replies with not being a hero.

Sherlock (after receiving a new pink phone message and John not wanting to help): Not much cop, this caring lark.

Sherlock types frantically on his own phone for clues about the River Thames clue. Gets to “Local News”.

John sits on the sofa, looking through the papers.

John (as he’s reading) Archway suicide…

Sherlock Ten-a-penny.

(cut ends)

Sherlock looks up info in Battersea.

(another cut)

John: Two kids stabbed in Stoke Newington.

Sherlock looks through “Thames Police Reports”

John: Ah, man found on the train line, Andrew West.

(cut ends)
Sherlock (not paying attention to John): Nothing! (calls Lestrade)

Dead man on the banks of the Thames

A second of the man laying on the banks. The sped-up arrival of a boat in the background both pulls up and (cut) then away from a dock/port.(cut ends).

Sherlock and John arrive on scene

Sherlock and John meet Lestrade and they discuss the situation. Then Lestrade asks him:

Lestrade: Any ideas?

Sherlock: Seven. So far.

Lestrade: Seven?


Sherlock closely inspects the deadman’s shirt

(cut ends)

Sherlock then takes off a sock and inspects the foot.

On the search for information

Sherlock and John leave the deadman. In the cab, Sherlock questions why he hasn’t heard from the bomber. Then tells the driver to go to Waterloo Bridge.

John: Where now, the gallery?

Sherlock: In a bit.

John: The Hickman’s contemporary art, isn’t it? Why have they got hold of an old master?

Sherlock (while pulling out a small notebook and pen): Don’t know. Dangerous to jump to conclusions. Need data.

(cut ends)

He writes something in the notebook, tears it out, and folds it up.

Shot of the outside of the cab as it rolls down the street.

John visits Alex’s flat

John asks Alex’s flatmate about him.

John: Stargazer, was he?

Woman: God, yeah. Mad about it.It’s all he ever did in his spare time. (cut) He was a nice guy, Alex. I liked him. He was, uh… never much of a one for hoovering.

(cut ends)

John: What about art? Did he know anything about that?

Woman: It was just a job, you know?

John(nods head): Mmm. (Turns around looking at more of Alex’s things) Has anyone else been round asking about Alex?

Woman: No. We had a break-in, though.

John (turning around facing the woman): Mmm? When?

Woman: Last night. There was nothing taken. (cut ends) Oh, there was a message left for Alex on the land line.

John: Who was it from?

Woman: I can play it for you, if you like. I’ll get the phone.

John: Please

She leaves to get the phone, comes back with the phone and presses a button.

Female voice on the other end: Oh, should I speak now? Alex? Love, it’s Professor Cairns. Listen, you were right. You were bloody right. Give us a call when…

phone hangs up.

John: Professor Cairns?

Woman: No idea, sorry


John: Can I try and ring back?

Woman: No good. I’ve had other calls since. Sympathy ones, you know.

(cut ends)

Woman turns and walks away. John phone rings. He pulls it out and reads a text from Mycroft.

Sherlock meets the museum’s curator

After Sherlock leaves, and curator stands for a few seconds longer staring at the painting, as the sound of the door that Sherlock exited creaks and then closes with a loud echo.

John meets with West’s fiance

John and the woman sit on a sofa inside her home.

Woman: He wouldn’t. He just wouldn’t

John: Stranger things have happened.

Woman: Westie wasn’t a traitor. It’s a horrible thing to say!

John: I’m sorry. But you must understand that’s…

Woman: That;s what they think, isn’t it, his bosses?

John: He was a young man, about to get married, he had debts.

Woman: Everyone’s got debts, and Westie wouldn’t want to clear them by selling out his country.

John: Can you, um…? Can you tell me exactly what happened that night?

Woman: We were having a night in. Just… watching a DVD. He normally falls asleep, you know, but he sat through this one. HE was quiet. Out of the blue he said he just had to go and see someone.

John: And you have no idea who?

John leaves followed by the woman. The woman’s brother walks up with his bicicle.

Brother: Hi, Liz. You ok, love?

Liz: Yeah.

Brother (giving a nod towards John): Who’s this?

John: John Watson, hi

Liz: This is my brother, Joe. John’s trying to find out what happened to Westie, Joe.

Joe: You with the police?

John: Sort of, yeah.

Joe: Tell them to get off their arses, will you? It’s blooody ridiculous.

John: I’ll do my best.

Joe turns back to Liz and puts a comforting hands on her shoulder. She nods, and he goes inside.

John (clears his throat) Well, uh, thanks very much for your help. Again, I’m very very sorry.

Liz (as John walks away): He didn’t steal those things Mr Watson. I knew Westie, he was a good man. He was my good man.

Importance: Very! It introduces Joe. Without this scene, the viewer is lost to know who he is later on when Sherlock and John confront him later on.

John in a cab

Night shot of John riding in a cab, cut.

Searching for the Golem

A couple shots of Sherlock and John with their flashlights inbetween shots of homeless people.

Back at Scotland Yard

After Sherlock solves the last case which frees the young boy, Sherlock, Lestrade and Mrs. Wenceslas are sitting in Lestrade’s office.

Sherlock (with his fingertips together, looking upward): You know, it’s interesting. Bohemian Stationary, as assassin named after a Prague legend, and you, Miss Wenceslas. This whole case has a distinctly Czech feeling about it. Is that where this leads? (cut ends) What are we looking at, Inspector?

Going to Joe’s home

From the train tracks to Joe’s (Liz’s brother), Sherlock and John talk about the stealing of the missile defense plans:

Sherlock: Missile defence plans haven’t left the country, otherwise Mycroft’s people would have heard about it. Despite what people think, we do still have a secret service.

John: Yeah, I know, I’ve met them.

Sherlock: Which means whoever stole the memory stick can’t sell it or doesn’t know what to do with it. My money’s on the latter.

They walk past a tall hedge and approaching stairs,

Sherlock: We’re here

John: Where?

They then turn right and go up the steps. (cut ends)

That’s it for the first season.  PBS is airing Season 2 on May 6.  I hope to put that trio up in time instead of after 1 1/2 years :).

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February 15th, 2012 by Calvero

[Below are rough notes.  I will update it with pictures and extra notes once I finish with The Great Game. spelling and grammatical errors are bound to be found. To see my write-up for Study in Pink, click here]

Continuing with my Sherlock: BBC vs PBS series, This article deals with The Blind Banker.

Watch The Blind Banker on until February 28. 

Sherlock and John head to Van Coon’s place

After Sherlock and John walk out of the bank, they take a cab ride to Van Coon’s apartment.

Interrupting Sebastian’s lunch

After leaving the crime scene of Van Coon’s murder, Sherlock and John make a surprise meeting with Sebastian, eho is trying to eat lunch.

Restaurant. Sebastian eating with some friends

Sebastian: He’s left trying to sort of cut his hair with a fork, which of course can never be done.

Sherlock and John come in and Sherlock talks directly to Sebastian.

Sherlock: It was a threat, that’s what the graffiti meant.

Sebastian: I’m kind of in a meeting. Can you make an appointment with my secretary?

Sherlock: I don’t think this can wait. Sorry, Sebastian. One of your traders, someone who worked in your office, was killed.

Sebastian: What?

John: Van Coon. The police are at his flat.

Sebatian: Killed?!

Sherlock Sorry to intterfer wit heverone’s digestion. Still want to make an appointment? Would maybe nine o’clock at SCotland Yard suit?

Cut to the three of them talking in the men’s bathroom.

Sebatian: Harrow, Oxford… very bright guy. Worked in Asia for a while, so…

John: You gave him the Hong Kong accounts?

Sebatian: Lost 5 million in a single morning, made it all back a week later. Nerves of steel, Eddie had.

John: Who’d want to kill him?

Sebatian: We all make enemies.

John: You don’t all end up with a bullet through your temple.

Sebatian’s mobile phone rings.

Sebatian: Not usually. Excuse me.

He looks at his phone.

Sebatian: It’s my chairman. Police have been on to him. Apparently they’re telling him it was a suicide.

Sherlock: Well, they got it wrong Sebastian. He was murdered.

Sebatian: Well, I’m afraid they don’t see it like that.

Sherlock: So?

Sebastian: And neither does my boss. I hired you to do a job. Don;t get sidetracked.

Sebastian walks out of the bathroom.

John: I thought bankers were supposed to be heartless bastards.

Cut to Lukis running frantically.

Sherlock and John visit Scotland Yard.

Sherlock shows an online article about Lukis who was killed the night before and they head to Scotland Yard.

Sherlock: Brian Lukis, freelance journalist, murdered in his flat. Doors locked from the inside.

John: You’ve got to admit, it’s simliar. Both men killed by someone who can walk through solid walls.

Sherlock: Inspector, do you seriously believe that Eddie Van Coon was just another city suicide? 9sighs) you have seen the ballistics report, I suppose? And the shot that killed him. Was it fired from his own gun?

Dimmock: No.

Sherlock: No. So this investigation might move a bit quicker if you were to take my word as gospel. I’ve just handed you a murder inquiry. Five minutes in his flat.

Meanwhile, back at the museum…

After Sherlock and Raz leave John holding the spray paint and confronting the community officer, Andy (Su Lin Yao’s co-worker at the museum) talks with his supervisor.

Young man: Sher was right in the middle of an important piece of restoration. Why would she suddenly resign.

Supervisor: Family problems. She said so in her letter.

Andy: But she doesn’t have a family. She came to this country on her own.

Supervisor: Andy!

Andy: Look, thoise teapots, those ceramics. They’ve become her obsession. She’s been working on restoring them for weeks. I can’t believe that she would just… abandon them.

Supervisor: Perhaps she was getting a bit of unwanted attention?

John finds some clues

While Sherlock and John hunt for cipher clues around London, John comes across a brickwall, full of the yellow ciphers. He runs back to find Sherlock.

John: Answer your phone. I’ve been calling you. I found it.

Sherlock follows John back to the brick wall, which now has no ciphers.

John: It’s been painted over.

Sherlock looks around with his flashlight. John is baffled by the missing ciphers.

John: I don’t understand. It was here (pointing at the wall). Ten minutes ago. I saw it. A whole load of graffiti.

Sherlock: Someone doesn’t want me to see it.

Sherlock then grabs John’s head with both hands.

John: Sherlock, what are you doing?

Sherlock: Ssh! John, concentrate. I need you to concentrate. Close your eyes.

John: What? Why? Why? What are you doing?

Sherlock lowers his hands around John’s arms and begins to turn both him and John around.

Sherlock: I need you to maximise your visual memory. Try to picture what you saw. Can you picture it?

John: Yeah.

Sherlock: Can you remember it?

John: Yes, definately.

Sherlock: Cna you remember the pattern?

John: Yes.

Sherlock: How much can you rembmer it?

John: Look, don’t worry.

Sherlock: Because the average human memory on visual matters is only 62% accurate.

John: Well, don’t worry, I remember all of it.

Sherlock: Really?

John: Well at least I would, if I could get to my pockets. I took a photograph.

Sherlock lets John go, and John reaches into his jacket pocket, pulls out his mobile, presses a button to pull up the picture of the ciphered wall and shows it to Sherlock.

Imporatnce — Somewhat. Explains where Sherlock got those pictures of the wall ciphers from. Also shows how quickly the gang works since they got rid of the ciphers within 10 minutes of John spotting them.

Meeting Molly at Bart’s

Cafeteria. Sherlock sneaks up on Molly who’s deciding what to get from the hospital’s cafeteria.

Sherlock: What are you thinking? Pork or Pasta?

Molly (startled): Oh, it’s you.

Sherlock: I suppose it’s never going to trouble Egon Ronay, is it? I’d stick with the pasta.

Importance — Minor. Just a little bit more of Sherlock and Molly. Also caused me to google Egon Ronay.

Sherlock and John invistigate what was smuggled

John and Sherlock return to 221B after the morgue.

Sherlock: Not just a criminal orginasation. It’s a cult. Her brother was corrupted by one of its leaders.

John: Soo Lin said the name.

Sherlock: Yes, Shan. General Shan.

John: We’re still no closer to finding him.

Sherlock: Wrong! We’ve gotr almost all we need to know. She gave us most of the missing pieces. Why did he need to visit his sister? Why did he need her expertise?

John: She worked at the museum.

Sherlock: Exactly

John: An expert in antiquities. Of course, I see.

Sherlock: Valuable anitiquities, John. Ancient Chinese relics purchased on the black market. China’s home to a thousand treasures hidden after Mao’s revolution.

John: The Black Lotus is selling them.

Cut to the guys looking online at antiques that were aquired by the museum

Sherlock: Check for the dates…. here! (points to something on the screen) John, “arrived from China four days ago”. Anonymous. The vendor doesn’t give his name. “Two undiscovered treasures fromn the East.”

John: One in Lukis’s suitcase and one in Van Coon’s.

Sherlock (typing into a serach engine): Antiquities… sold at auction. (results pop up) Look, here’s another one. Arrived from China a month ago. Chinese ceramic statue sold for £400,000.

John: Look, a month before that, Chinese paiting, half a million.

Sherlock: All of them from an anonymous source. They’re steealing them back in China and one by one feeding them into Britain.

John (comparing Van Coon’s and Lukis’s calendars): Every single auction coincides with Lukis or Van Coon travelling to China.

Sherlock: So what if one of them got greedy when they were in China? What if one of them stole something?

John: That’s why Zhi Zhu’s come.

Mrs. Hudson (knocking at the door) Sorry, are we collecting for charity, Sherlock?

Sherlock: What?

Mrs. Hudson: A young man’s outside with crates of books.

Police carry in boxes of books.

Sherlock and John back at 221B

After briefly meeting with the inspector, Sherlock and John discuss what the imporatnce of the hairpin was:

Sherlock pours John a cup of tea (?)

John: So, nine million.

Sherlock: Million.

John: Million, yes. Nine million for jade pin dragon den black tramway.

Sherlock: An instruction to all their London operatives. A message. What they were trying to reclaim.

John: What, a jade pin?

Sherlock: Worth nine million pounds. Bring it to the Tramway, their London hideout.

John: Hang on. A hiarpin worth nine million pounds?

Sherlock: Apaarently

John: Why so much?

Sherlock: Depends who owned it. (and takes a sip from his cup.)

Imporantace – Somewhat. Now that they know it was a hairpin that was worth 9 million, the mystery is why?


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February 9th, 2012 by Calvero

I just love the show. And when I was watching it on PBS (Sunday night, 9pm EST.  The last time I watched Sherlock Holmes was the Granada series with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke… sigh!), I along with a number of other fans who were all sharing a stream on Twitter (#sherlock_pbs), noticed some cuts in the PBS showing. Not just one episode, but all three. Soemtimes it was no biggie, but other times it was leaving out some important information. So much that I spent some time taking notes on the differences Not just seeing, but observing (haha, little Sherlockian humor there).

While PBS just finished re-airing the first season, they still have it online for the rest of this month. And there might be some of you out there who have it recorded.

Below are the differences that I caught. There’s bound to be some edits that I overlooked, but I thikn I got most of them, including some major gaps that PBS left out.

Just to say, I love PBS. Have for years.  There’s just some things that they do that do not make sense.

Am I over doing it? Maybe, but then again I love this show (and Sherlock Holmes stuff in general).  It was mostly a fun little project for me.

WARNING!!! Spoilers!

If you haven’t seen it, the killer, and his modus operandi, are revealed at the end.  You have been warned.

A Study in Pink

  Below is the end of the intro as it was/is seen on the BBC


While the rest of the cuts don’t affect the US’s release of the Sherlock DVD nor the Netflix streaming version, this one change still exists.


John investigates Sherlock

After Sherlock and Watson’s meeting, shot of the Millenium wheel, then to John in his apartment. He sits on his bed and pulls out his phone. Looks at the message that Sherlock had sent earlier:

“If brother has green ladder arrest brother.  SH”


then goes over to his laptop and does a search for Sherlock Holmes:


Importance — Somewhat.  It makes a little more sense when John tells Sherlock the next day “I looked you up on the internet last night.” when they meet at 221B.

Sherlock and John leave for Lauriston Gardens

A few seconds of Sherlock and John leaving 221b by cab as it stops at the intersection.


 Importance — Minor. Just a couple more seconds more after John closes the cab door.

Meeting Donovan

Sherlock meets up with Donovan. After Sherlock’s line of commenting that he knew she did not come home the night before, she stops him and points to John.

Donovan: Who’s this?

Sherlock: Colleague of mine, Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson, Sally Donovan. An old friend.


Donovan: Colleague? How do you get a colleague?



[Turns and asks John] Donovan: Did he follow you home?

John [to Sherlock] “Would it be better if I just waited…?”

Sherlock [sherpily]: No [He lifts up the crime scene tape over John’s head.]

Donovan: Freak’s here. Bringing him in.

Importance — Somewhat. Gives more of an introduction to Sgt. Donovan.

Meeting with Lestrade

After Sherlock heavily implies that Donovan and Anderson of having an affair, he and John enter the building.

They go through a couple rooms to meet with Lestrade.

Sherlock [pointing to a lab suit to John]: You should wear one of these.

Lestrade [to Sherlock, seeing John]: Who’s he?

Sherlock: He’s with me

Lestrade: But who is he?

Sherlock: I said he’s with me.


John [holding a suit, to Sherlock] “ Aren’t you going to put one on?”

Sherlock doesn’t answer, just looks at John with a “I don’t do that” look on his face.


Sherlock [to Lestrade]: So where are we?

Lestrade: Upstairs.


“I can give you two minutes” says Lestrade as he leads Sherlock and John up the stairs.

“May need longer” says Sherlock.

Importance — Somewhat. Sets more of a tone to the type of person Sherlock is:  He follows his own rules.

John leaving the crime scene

After Sherlock says the serial killer’s mistake was “PINK!”, the police got to finishing up the crime scene. John hobbles down the stairs.


and out to where he came in near Sgt. Donovan.

Importance — Minor.  It does show that he loses Sherlock totally as Sherlock had already ran off without waiting for him.

John finally arrives home after a detour

John gets out of the car after meeting the mysterious man in the warehouse, and goes to knock on the 221B door 


Importance —  Minor.  Though it’s always good to see more of John 🙂

Sherlock and John head towards Northumberland Street

Sherlock and John leave 221B and go by foot to Northumberland street. Sherlock thinks aloud as to who the killer could be:


John: Where are we going?

Sherlock: Northumberland Street’s a five minute walk from here.

John: You think he’s stupid enough to go there?

Sherlock: No, I think he’s brilliant enough. I love the brillant ones. They’re all so desperate to get caught.

John: Why?

Sherlock. Appreciation! Applause! At long last the spotlight. That’s the frailty of genius, John, it needs an audience.

John: Yeah

Sherlock: This is his hunting ground. Right here in the heart of the city. Now that we know that his victims were abducted, that changes everything. Because all of his victims disappeared from busy streets, crowded places, but nobody saw them go. Think! Who do we trust, even though we don’t know them? Who passes unnoticed wherever they go? Who hunts in the middle of a crowd?


John: Don’t know. Who?


Sherlock: Haven’t the faintest. Hungry?

Then they enter the restaurant.

Importance — Important.  Sherlock ask key questions about the type of person they are looking for.

Flashback audio

In Baker Street, Sherlock, John, Lestrade and the Scotland Yard crew discover the pink phone is with them…somewhere. Sherlock then flashes back to his earlier questions.

This is a different kind of edit. While the video isn’t cut, there’s audio that is missing. Sherlock’s above questions are repeated.





Importance — Important.  For the same reasons as above.  Of course, they had to cut out Sherlock’s flashback audio because they had cut out that previous scene.

Sherlock leaving with the Cabbie

Sherlock exits the cab and follows the cabbie’s lead to one of the buildings.


Back at 221B, John is about to walk out the door, realizes he doesn’t have his cane and goes back to get it.  And then the computer beeps that the pink phone’s GPS was connecting again.


Importance – Minor.  For John, it shows that he was still relying on his crutch even though Sherlock had already proved to him he didn’t need it.

Sherlock and Cabbie enter a classroom

Cabbie – So what do you think? It’s up to you. You’re the one who’s going to die here.


Sherlock: No, I’m not.

Cabbie: That’s what they all say. Shall we talk?

Importance — Minor.  Does show off more of Sherlock’s confidence.  Never can have too much of Sherlock!

 The real reason why the Cabbie is killing random people

Cabbie: I’ve outlived four people. That’s the most fun you can have with an aneurism.

Sherlock: No… No, there’s something else. You didn’t just kill four people because you’re bitter. Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator. Somehow, this is about your children.



Cabbie: Oh…You are good, aren’t you?

Sherlock: But how?

Cabbie: When I die, they won’t get much, my kids. Not a lot of money in driving cabs.

Sherlock: Or serial killing.

Cabbie: You’d be surprised.

Sherlock: Surprise me.

Cabbie: I have a sponsor.

Sherlock: You have a what?

Cabbie: For every life I take, money goes to my kids. The more I kill… the better oof they’ll be. You see? It’s nicer than you think.

Sherlock: Who’d sponsor a serial killer?

Cabbie: Who’d be a fan of Sherlock Holmes? You’re not the only one to enjoy a good murder. There’s others out there just like you, except you’re just a man. And they’re so much more than that.

Sherlock: What do you mean… more than a man? An organization… what?

Cabbie: There’s a name that no-one says. And I’m not going to say it either. Now enough chatter.

Imporatnace — Very!  It explains why the cabbie was murdering the other people.  And how the Cabbie knows of (shhh!) Moriarty.

John looks for Sherlock

Cabbie: Shall we?

Cabbie [with shots of John running down the hallway looking frantically for Sherlock]: So what do you think? Can you beat me? Are you clever enough…to bet your life.


Imporatnace – Somewhat.  The Cabbie continues to play mind games with Sherlock.  And like I said earlier, you can’t have too much of Sherlock… or John :).

After the cabbie gets shot

The sound effect of Sherlock throwing the pill on the floor is cut out.

Sherlock: Ok… tell me this. Your sponsor. Who was it?


Importance — Fairly.  As like Sherlock’s questions, this was also cut out because they had cut out the cabbie talking about his sponsor.

That’s it!  Or at least, the ones I caught.  There might be others.  I did not realize until the last one, “Hey! There’s a sound missing!”.  So there might be other little bits omitted for whatever reason.  It was fun, and a good thing I love the show so much other wise it might have driven me a little crazy. Especailly getting the right screenshots without them being blurry or the lighting being bad for that split second and you can’t tell what you are looking at.

It also took over a year to do this since I didn’t record it from PBS but rewatched their version live during the broadcast as well as online.  Once they took it down near the end of December 2010, I had nothing to go on, until they rebroadcast it earlier this year.  This episode is online at PBS’s site until March 1, 2012.

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January 19th, 2012 by Calvero

If you have not seen this fantastic series (way to short), PBS is re-broadcasting season 1 (Season 2, which just ended to other day on the BBC, airs on PBS this May 6th). They played A Study in Pink” last Sunday, this Sunday (Jan 22) is The Blind Banker”, and the following Sunday (Jan 29) is “The Great Game”.

Whether or not you like Sherlock Holmes, crime/mystery genre, or British tv, but you like storytelling at it’s finest with a great cast and production, then check this show out.

And yes, this is a free legal viewing 🙂

Watch Sherlock, Season 1: A Study in Pink on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

I haven’t figured how to turn off that top bar in the video, but if you view it on PBS’s own site, there’s no bar :). Also be sure to visit their Sherlock site

IT will remain online on their site until Mar 1 (unless they extend it, like they did the first time).

I had written a review for the first season, I just haven’t posted it here yet. I have parts of a review in my head for the second season, but have not yet written it down.

Note: For some reason, they show a cut episode, about 5 minutes total less than the original airing. Nothing crucial, but it’s not like they had to make room for commercial time. (What’s the deal?) I had started making a list of the differences between the original BBC cut and the PBS re-edit.

Anyway, enjoy the show!

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