September 6th, 2009 by Calvero
  • good afternoon everyone!We got back late from church. Girls had a good time. #
  • listening to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" (1 of my favs) on internet radio while making lunch for the girls #
  • listening to @FatherRoderick 's AudioBoo about his training for a marathon #
  • goood morning! πŸ™‚ #
  • Sesame Street about to start. And I'm about to put today's first load of laundry in. #
  • listening to internet radio. playing Flock of Seagulls "I Ran"
    classic! #
  • listening to TWiT 210 "Banned In Sweden" interesting talk on Snow Leopard #
  • home from work. eating homegrown pineapple. Sweet! (literally!) #pabl #
  • listening to Great Speeches in History Podcast "Eulogy for Robert Kennedy" Had heard parts for years, but not all. #
  • finishing up reading "The Almost Hopeless Challenge Of Web Security" at TechCrunch #
  • good night! #
  • good morning! (soon to be afternoon here) #
  • Katie is in for her nap (not quite asleep yet), I put a second load of wash, and looking into updating my forums #
  • RT @BeatlesTweets: If you live in the USA, VH1 Classic has a Beatles retrospective show tonight with music videos and a screening of Help! #
  • RT @uncultured: After seeing these photos, I want to move to Switzerland – #
  • girls are in bed :). I feel fortunate that they do not put up a fuss when it's bedtime #
  • listening to @FatherRoderick 's "Traveling Light" AudioBoo as he's going to Hong Kong #
  • also trying to figure out how to upgrade my forums. It looks easy…. for me to mess up, lol. I think I know what to do now (X-ing fingers) #
  • RT @realjohngreen: I just finished @scottwesterfeld's LEVIATHAN. So fun, so brilliant. Trailer: #
  • watching "Health Care Overhaul" cartoon using @realjohngreen 's audio from 1 of his earlier vids #
  • not having luck with upgrading forums. I'll have to continue with it tomorrow. #
  • good night all. time for bed #
  • good morning πŸ™‚ #
  • watching Special Agent OSO w/ Katie #
  • RT @poshmama: Just sayin' if you don't use soap it's not washing your hands but only rinsing them. #
  • Katie is in for her nap and quiet. And I'm cooking lunch and writing letters (yes, with pen and paper… card rather :D) #
  • Found out from reading (no pun intended) @levarburton 's tweets that Reading Rainbow got canceled! Majorly bummed πŸ™ NPR- #
  • Sounds like Katie is awake now. Time to get her lunch ready #
  • listening to @leolaporte 's "Tech Guy" podcast while taking care of lunch dishes #
  • trying to continue writing cards, but kids keep interrupting. Enjoying them going to bed is no mystery! lol #
  • Decided earlier that I would rough draft on the pc first before wasting a card. Times like now (Katie hanging on me) is one of the reasons. #
  • night! #
  • hello, I must be going. I came to say that I cannot stay. I must be going… Lala! – had a Groucho moment πŸ™‚ Night! #
  • good morning πŸ™‚ #
  • morning! came back early from church. I'm tired from working really late last night & Kristi wasn't feeling well. #

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June 21st, 2009 by Calvero

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June 14th, 2009 by Calvero

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June 7th, 2009 by Calvero
  • while wating for ex, I put in laundry and going to see how much writing I can do. Still working on the Star Trek review followup. #
  • Mark just left with the girls. Hope they have a good time #
  • home from work. Heard that the kids had a good time with their dad. #
  • read that last Titanic survivor died. 97! She was 2 mo old when it sank #
  • good night, one and all! #
  • morning! just ate lunch #
  • morning! folding laundry while Katie is playing #
  • listening to Daily Breakfast “Angels, Demons, Spock and Kirk” #
  • listening to music from No Idle Frets podcast #213 #
  • watching @FatherRoderick live on ustream for a little bit before heading to work #
  • home from work, and ready for my weekend! πŸ˜€ #
  • finishing up my dinner and watching @FatherRoderick ‘s Daily Breakfast ustream from earlier today #
  • fixed the small problem of my blog posting both daily and weekly digest tweets. Now it should be just weekly. #
  • gooood morning! πŸ™‚ Already dropped Kristi off at school and took Katie to the store to pick up some things. #
  • watching Wheels on the Bus with Katie…sung with Roger Daltrey? Yup, it’s her generation now πŸ˜‰ #
  • is singing “There’s a hole in the bucket” to Katie. Here’s the Muppets version that I 1st saw: #
  • @NameCheap Sydney, Australia? in reply to NameCheap #
  • Struggling to find out why my external hard drive is not being seen by my pc. Everything is connected but not showing up in My Computer #
  • good night! will have to tackle hard drive problem tomorrow #
  • good morning! watching kiddie songs on Youtube with Katie #
  • RT @NancySBrandt says RIP David Carradine. #
  • oh, how lovely… Yellow water coming out of the tap! Anyone want a glass? #
  • found this: prayers for this little boy with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) #
  • noticed some of my pants are getting baggy. More fruit and nuts and less sweets does actually work! Just call me fruity and nutty! πŸ˜€ #pabl #
  • watching @ipadre on ustream #
  • still working on my Star Trek movie review followup (hard to do any writing with crazy work schedule and kids! ack!) #
  • if you’re into string theory, it’s being discussed on #
  • listening to Pray As You Go’s breathing exercise #pabl #
  • Does Tonight Show’s new backdrop looks like a Super Mario game? and tweet from @BigBley #
  • having fun watching Red Wing and Penguin fans’ tweets #
  • very nice… I can do a Google search for Orlando Magic (Go Magic!!) and find out what the score is jsut by looking at the top search result #
  • Good night! #
  • watching @Father Roderick live on ustream I’m a bit late, already an hour #
  • listening to Travel with Rick Steves podcast “Rome: Beneath the Surface” #
  • raining and 82F #
  • @GSPN love the new look Cliff in reply to GSPN #
  • I like Google’s Tetris logo today. Can it be that the game is 25 years old already? #
  • after a tiring day at work today, I think I’m ready for bed. good night! #
  • home from church. making mac & cheese for the kids. Katie is being really impatient, wanting it *now*! #
  • trying out’s song posting. Should be U2’s Beautiful Day #

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December 31st, 2008 by Calvero

Today is the last day of 2008. Wow!

It’s been a pretty good year.

I moved out of a very stressful marriage in February.Β  It was just too stressful and depressing with Mark and his fiance there in the same house.Β  While I do miss the house itself, I *do not* miss the headaches.Β  Eck!

It also brought me back toΒ  church and have enjoyed the sermons and fellowship since then.Β  It was something I was not allowed to attend while with Mark.Β  Not only did I attend a new congregation, but also a denomination, United Methodist.Β  While I’m still a member of the United Church of Christ, I have enjoyed UM… it is *very* similar to UCC.

March was another Smothers Brothers concert at the Strawberry Festival… outside….in the rain (I’m a hard core SmoBro fan. Rain does not bring me down from one of their concerts). It was my 6th concert of theirs and even though I mouthed the words to the songs and comedy routines, I loved it!Β  Kristi also came with me.Β  She had never been to a concert before. Well, she went to a Blues Clues Live show when she was 3.Β  But she was curious to see them live because she knew I was a huge fan.Β  Mom also went with us and when it started raining, she took Kristi to a covered area and brought her back when it stopped.

The month of May brought the finalization of the divorce. My marriage to Mark lasted just over 10 years.Β  Two wonderful things that came out of it was Kristi and Katie.

May also got me started on regularly (almost) attending Father Roderick’s uStream chatroom.Β  In the beginning he had his web cam on almost 24/7, but after a while he switched it to just when he records his podcasts (Check out SQPN if you haven’t already!Β  Although the podcasts are all Catholic, you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy them, just like you don’t have to have an iPod to listen to podcasts :)).Β  And with his popularity with regular listeners and being on the front page of uStream a number of times, he made a few people moderators to help take care of a few random troublemakers that would pop up.Β  And to my surprise he made me one of those moderators!

August I got another surprise this year from another one of my favorite podcasters, Cliff Ravenscraft.Β  He created a podcast network, GSPN.Β  One of several podcasts he does is Family From the Heart and on one episode he was giving away a signed abridged audiobook CD.Β  I was on his live page chatting with others while watching Cliff and his wife Stephine and he said the next person who called in would win the audiobook.Β  I waited a few seconds and casually opened my phone, dialed the number, and then I hear Cliff’s voice on the other end!Β  So I made an appearance on another one of his shows (he interviewed me last year). And winning that CD was very cool πŸ™‚

August brought about this version of my site.Β  I do like it better. More dynamic content than my other versions which would remain static for a couple years at a time.

October was meeting John Green. I already wrote about that. That was awesome!

And December was attending a small but fun, SQPN get-together with Deb and Fr. Bill Kessler at EPCOT!Β  I have an upcoming post and pictures from that so I won’t go into to much detail about that other to say it was a lot of fun :).

What will 2009 bring? I don’t know, but I have a good feeling about it :).

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September 19th, 2008 by Calvero

For the next hour or so anyway!

Ye be walkin’ da plank if ye hadn’t greetin another sea dog wit pirate talk! Arrr….

It’s fun πŸ™‚

What, ye think me makin’ it up, do ye?Β  Better be drawin’ a sword wit those accusations matey!

Ye can swab the decks now ye land lubber!

Ye need some teachin on how ta talk like a pirate? Pay attention ye of little attention span….

Ye better be hearin’ Dutch priest Father Roderick from SQPN talk of th’ treasures of speakin’ pirate in th’ followin’ podcast or ye be sleepin’ in Davey Jones locker:

Had enough? No? Then ye can be translating any web site and see it in pirate talk

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