March 30th, 2016 by Calvero
Ah, the year 1986.  A big year that became very influential in my life.  I hope to write an entry for each one (I already wrote about how I got introduced to Sherlock Holmes), but here’s a summary (in no real order):

Disney’s Dreamers and Doers

The Disney company here in Florida (for a few years) picked someone from each county in the state from elementary, junior high, and high school as someone showing the “4 Cs” – curiosity, confidence, constancy, and courage. And somehow I was picked for the junior high level for Volusia county!  It was one of the most exciting days of my life!  And I still have my medal, hangs in my living room. May 2 is the anniversary 🙂

Sherlock Holmes

Thanks to reading the classic Hound of the Baskervilles story in my 8th grade English class, I got hooked on the adventures of Sir Author Conan Doyle’s famous detective.  Not because of the mystery genre, but in the characters of Holmes and Watson and how the stories were written.  I found, and still find, that endlessly fascinating!  And for the last few years I have basked in the glow of it being a big thing with the help of the Robert Downey Jr movies, and BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary tv shows.

The Smothers Brothers

Fate has a wicked sense of humor, and so it introduced me to these guys, by accident. And, boy, I had no idea what I landed myself into.  My poor family somehow put up with me either listening to or watching this harmless looking comedic brother duo – a lot. I also got really interested in classic comedy due to these guys (Thanks Tom and Dick!), along with history (particularly the 1960s), folk music, and being politically involved.

Doctor Who

A guy that traveled in time and space in a spaceship disguised as a British Police Box. And he’s not always able to control where or when his ship ends up.

That’s how the show was described to me by a couple classmates in school.  And I was curious.  And the first episode I watched was the very first episode from 1963, An Unearthly Child.  And I have stayed curious for the last 30 years.  And I still haven’t used to the idea that Doctor Who is a big thing now.  I love it, it’s just weird.


Highway to Heaven

The Summer of ’86 introduced me to this show.  I have had a long interest in the nature of God and religions in general, it did not really take off until I happened upon this show by accident. Starred the late Michael Landon as an angel, and Victor French as a former Oakland cop (hence the Oakland A’s baseball cap), driving around the country on assignments from “The Boss”.  Had a lot of heart and some laughs.

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February 28th, 2010 by Calvero

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October 18th, 2009 by Calvero

It is strange and funny how what is laying around the house affects what your kid watches.

The 4th Doctor, aka Tom Baker. One of my, and Krist's, favorite Doctors

The 4th Doctor, aka Tom Baker. One of my, and Kristi's, favorite Doctors

I remember when Kristi was 3 (she’s now 10), she saw one of my old Doctor Who VHS tapes in the cabinet, “Full Circle” starring Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor.

She put it in the machine and started watching it. And then she watched it again. And again.  And again.  I had a few others but for some reason she liked this one a lot.  She would get scared of the monsters and laugh whenever the Doctor who give off his big toothy smile.

I should add that I did not watch Doctor Who much when Kristi was awake. Usually it was her shows like Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, etc. so it’s not like she just watched it when I watched it.

Since then she has become a fan of the renewed Doctor Who series and likes David Tennant as much as Tom.

And just yesterday I was watching Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights while folding the

Could it be that I have a future silent film fan in the making?

Could it be that I have a future silent film fan in the making?

laundry.  Kristi was watching Pokemon videos on Youtube (She loves Pokemon!).  When I got up to put some clothes away, I left the movie playing.  I came back a couple minutes later and there was Kristi laying on the sofa watching City Lights. Not her Pokemon!

Since she caught it in the middle of the movie, I explained some of what was going on, like why the millionaire treated Charlie different drunk versus sober, and that the young lady who Charlie falls in love with is blind.

Now that Katie, my other daughter, is almost 3, she has discovered something even more off the

The controversial brothers from the 1960s got the attention of my almost 3 year old

The controversial brothers from the 1960s got the attention of my almost 3 year old

wall. The Smothers Brothers.  She often sits on my lap watching YouTube videos, and the other day she saw the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Season 3 DVD set sitting on my desk where my computer is. She pointed to it wanting to watch it.  She likes watching them sing. Even when they are talking she will sit there glued as they talk about the Vietnam War and student protests and so on.  I don’t go into explaining what happened back in the 1960s, what the protests were about or anything… I’ll wait to explain that when she’s older :).

But it’s weird how my kids pick up on my interests like that.


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September 20th, 2009 by Calvero
  • morning! #
  • watching kid vids on YouTube with Katie #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — The Beatles – All together now #
  • @iboughtamac here’s a link from Windjammers (ppl who perform circus music) site for a CD: in reply to iboughtamac #
  • @Scobleizer I would ask my 2 yr old to help translate, but she’s in for a nap 🙂 in reply to Scobleizer #
  • @brandonheath since you said please, I guess I will 🙂 Good luck! in reply to brandonheath #
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  • making homemade veggie noodle soup while listening to TWiT #212 “Leave The Gun, Take The Calacanis” #
  • Watching House “House Divided” on Hulu interesting story dealing with a deaf teen #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — Mewtwo-Bring Me To Life #
  • I rated a YouTube video (3 out of 5 stars) — Mewtwo #
  • morning! #
  • making brunch. home-made egg McMuffin #
  • sad 🙁 RT @nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: Mary Travers, a Member of the 1960s Folk Trio Peter, Paul and Mary, Has Died #
  • In memory of Mary:Peter Paul & Mary singing Too Much Of Nothing on Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour #
  • good morning! #
  • watching A&E’s Biography on Albert Einstein on Hulu #
  • finished eating breakfast. now onto my next adventure… #
  • came home from work and ate a sandwich. Feel better now 🙂 #
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  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — Michael Jackson – Beat It #
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  • RT @zefrank: – i laugh each time i run by this sign :: #
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  • ate lunch with Katie. We had sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, and mac & cheese #
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  • got home. ate a late dinner (as usual). Now bed. Good night! #
  • home from work. had an eventful day. #
  • I heard some voices behind me, and there was 3 of our security pinning a big guy to the wall, then a few seconds later on the ground. #
  • No one hurt, and they took the guy away after several minutes. #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (CBS; 1987) Scene 1: Holmes takes the case #

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December 31st, 2008 by Calvero

Today is the last day of 2008. Wow!

It’s been a pretty good year.

I moved out of a very stressful marriage in February.  It was just too stressful and depressing with Mark and his fiance there in the same house.  While I do miss the house itself, I *do not* miss the headaches.  Eck!

It also brought me back to  church and have enjoyed the sermons and fellowship since then.  It was something I was not allowed to attend while with Mark.  Not only did I attend a new congregation, but also a denomination, United Methodist.  While I’m still a member of the United Church of Christ, I have enjoyed UM… it is *very* similar to UCC.

March was another Smothers Brothers concert at the Strawberry Festival… outside….in the rain (I’m a hard core SmoBro fan. Rain does not bring me down from one of their concerts). It was my 6th concert of theirs and even though I mouthed the words to the songs and comedy routines, I loved it!  Kristi also came with me.  She had never been to a concert before. Well, she went to a Blues Clues Live show when she was 3.  But she was curious to see them live because she knew I was a huge fan.  Mom also went with us and when it started raining, she took Kristi to a covered area and brought her back when it stopped.

The month of May brought the finalization of the divorce. My marriage to Mark lasted just over 10 years.  Two wonderful things that came out of it was Kristi and Katie.

May also got me started on regularly (almost) attending Father Roderick’s uStream chatroom.  In the beginning he had his web cam on almost 24/7, but after a while he switched it to just when he records his podcasts (Check out SQPN if you haven’t already!  Although the podcasts are all Catholic, you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy them, just like you don’t have to have an iPod to listen to podcasts :)).  And with his popularity with regular listeners and being on the front page of uStream a number of times, he made a few people moderators to help take care of a few random troublemakers that would pop up.  And to my surprise he made me one of those moderators!

August I got another surprise this year from another one of my favorite podcasters, Cliff Ravenscraft.  He created a podcast network, GSPN.  One of several podcasts he does is Family From the Heart and on one episode he was giving away a signed abridged audiobook CD.  I was on his live page chatting with others while watching Cliff and his wife Stephine and he said the next person who called in would win the audiobook.  I waited a few seconds and casually opened my phone, dialed the number, and then I hear Cliff’s voice on the other end!  So I made an appearance on another one of his shows (he interviewed me last year). And winning that CD was very cool 🙂

August brought about this version of my site.  I do like it better. More dynamic content than my other versions which would remain static for a couple years at a time.

October was meeting John Green. I already wrote about that. That was awesome!

And December was attending a small but fun, SQPN get-together with Deb and Fr. Bill Kessler at EPCOT!  I have an upcoming post and pictures from that so I won’t go into to much detail about that other to say it was a lot of fun :).

What will 2009 bring? I don’t know, but I have a good feeling about it :).

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September 5th, 2008 by Calvero

No, not for president, LOL.

There’s an essay contest going on at and the prize is volume 3 of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour tv show from the 1960s. (If you don’t know who they are, check out their website).

I wrote a short essay on one of my favorite routines they did on the show called “Lessons and Morons”:

Press on the Rate It link and then the drop down box (1-10, 10 being best), and then press the Rate It button.

I’ve been a fan of theirs for over 20 years and have been waiting that long for this to come out (Never came out on VHS).

And thank you for your support 😉

[Fixed the link to my entry. I made a silly error earlier]

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