October 18th, 2009 by Calvero

It is strange and funny how what is laying around the house affects what your kid watches.

The 4th Doctor, aka Tom Baker. One of my, and Krist's, favorite Doctors

The 4th Doctor, aka Tom Baker. One of my, and Kristi's, favorite Doctors

I remember when Kristi was 3 (she’s now 10), she saw one of my old Doctor Who VHS tapes in the cabinet, “Full Circle” starring Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor.

She put it in the machine and started watching it. And then she watched it again. And again.  And again.  I had a few others but for some reason she liked this one a lot.  She would get scared of the monsters and laugh whenever the Doctor who give off his big toothy smile.

I should add that I did not watch Doctor Who much when Kristi was awake. Usually it was her shows like Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, etc. so it’s not like she just watched it when I watched it.

Since then she has become a fan of the renewed Doctor Who series and likes David Tennant as much as Tom.

And just yesterday I was watching Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights while folding the

Could it be that I have a future silent film fan in the making?

Could it be that I have a future silent film fan in the making?

laundry.  Kristi was watching Pokemon videos on Youtube (She loves Pokemon!).  When I got up to put some clothes away, I left the movie playing.  I came back a couple minutes later and there was Kristi laying on the sofa watching City Lights. Not her Pokemon!

Since she caught it in the middle of the movie, I explained some of what was going on, like why the millionaire treated Charlie different drunk versus sober, and that the young lady who Charlie falls in love with is blind.

Now that Katie, my other daughter, is almost 3, she has discovered something even more off the

The controversial brothers from the 1960s got the attention of my almost 3 year old

The controversial brothers from the 1960s got the attention of my almost 3 year old

wall. The Smothers Brothers.  She often sits on my lap watching YouTube videos, and the other day she saw the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Season 3 DVD set sitting on my desk where my computer is. She pointed to it wanting to watch it.  She likes watching them sing. Even when they are talking she will sit there glued as they talk about the Vietnam War and student protests and so on.  I don’t go into explaining what happened back in the 1960s, what the protests were about or anything… I’ll wait to explain that when she’s older :).

But it’s weird how my kids pick up on my interests like that.


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January 5th, 2009 by Calvero

I have been a Doctor Who fan since around 1986-87 (don’t remember exactly when).  I came in at the end of Colin Baker’s era and was able to enjoy all of Syvester McCoy’s.  While I loved all the actors who played the Doctor, Tom Baker was my favorite, McCoy in second.  I have been a fan during the 16 year hiatus and would be glued to the tv if I happened to catch it on a PBS channel, which dwindled as PBS stations around the country dropped the show due to the expense (how much *did* the BBC charge anyway for an older show?)

I was overjoyed when it came back in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston in the role, doing a *fantastic* job!  Then David Tennant who really was a great blend of previous Doctors as well as having his own flare.  Then it was annouced late last year that David felt it was time to go. The other day it was annouced that a young lad named Matt Smith was taking the helm of the TARDIS.

He’s 26.


He’s younger than me by 10 years!

Of course this was bound to happen to have an actor be around my age, but man, I feel old now!  David I was able to handle, being just a couple years younger than him.  Christopher was just a few months younger than the series.

I saw a picture of him and I don’t know what to think …well, other than young!  But comments about interviews are positive.  We’ll have to see when he makes his entrance when David leaves, which won’t be until 2010.

While being wowed by his age, the name was also funny.  Smith.  In the recent series, the Doctor would sometimes use the name John Smith (Human Nature comes to mind).

Here are some great sites if you are new to the Doctor Who universe:

Those will keep you busy enough.


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