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Best Sherlock Holmes videos – part 8

This one is so good, it deserves it’s own post.  I found it shortly after watching series 2 of BBC’s awesome “Sherlock” and, wow! What emotion it brought out!  Read My Mind almost brought me to tears,  Fix You got me really choked up, but this one got me crying.

Sherlock’s line [...]

Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall – BBC vs. PBS edits

Sherlock and Jim, prison buddies

Finally, Reichenbach!  Took some time, and I was beginning to wonder if I would get this done before PBS took down the show from their website (which is still there, until the the 19th!)

Also want to say that I missed Alan Cumming not doing an intro for Baskerville and Reichenbach :(.  His other intros [...]

Sherlock: Hounds of the Baskerville – BBC vs. PBS edits

Keep Out

I have been dealing with a couple health setbacks since Saturday before it aired, so I have a later start with this than I had planned.  Now that I’m feeling almost 100% better, I can tackle the Hounds!

Thanks for those of you who told me they enjoyed my previous posts about the differences. Special [...]

Sherlock: BBC vs. PBS versions – A Scandal in Belgravia

John and Sherlock - you looking at me

Firstly, I am not connected to the BBC, PBS, or anything like that.  I’m just a fanof both the show and the original stories :).  This is not an official list, just one that I put together on my own.  :)

I have discovered that doing these differnces betweeen the original BBC version and the [...]

Sherlock’s A Scandal in Belgravia online (PBS edit)

While I’m working on my second round of differences between the BBC & PBS versions (see the beginning here), I’ve embedded “A Scandal in Belgravia” here.

If you missed the PBS airing of it, they have it on their website and app (here are links for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad apps). According to the site, it’s [...]

Sherlock: BBC vs. PBS versions – The Great Game

[Like with notes for The Blind Banker, the following are rough notes for The Great Game.  I'll fix 'em up and make 'em look pretty in a few days.  Why put them up when they are pretty already?  Obvious (sorry, slipped into sounding like Sherlock, haha).  PBS has both of their versions of The Blind [...]

Sherlock: BBC vs PBS versions – The Blind Banker

[Below are rough notes.  I will update it with pictures and extra notes once I finish with The Great Game. spelling and grammatical errors are bound to be found. To see my write-up for Study in Pink, click here]

Continuing with my Sherlock: BBC vs PBS series, This article deals with The Blind Banker.

Watch The Blind [...]

Sherlock: BBC vs PBS versions – A Study in Pink

I just love the show. And when I was watching it on PBS (Sunday night, 9pm EST.  The last time I watched Sherlock Holmes was the Granada series with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke… sigh!), I along with a number of other fans who were all sharing a stream on Twitter (#sherlock_pbs), noticed some cuts [...]

BBC’s Sherlock, season 1, reairing on PBS

If you have not seen this fantastic series (way to short), PBS is re-broadcasting season 1 (Season 2, which just ended to other day on the BBC, airs on PBS this May 6th). They played A Study in Pink” last Sunday, this Sunday (Jan 22) is The Blind Banker”, and the following Sunday (Jan 29) [...]

Best Doctor Who fan videos – part 1

Time to change gears to another one of my interests, though somewhat related: Doctor Who. I have loved Doctor Who for as long as Holmes and Watson (about 25 years now).  And as with Holmes, I have enjoyed watching what fans did with the Doctor, both the original and newer series.

First off, if you [...]