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Best Sherlock Holmes videos – part 8

This one is so good, it deserves it’s own post.  I found it shortly after watching series 2 of BBC’s awesome “Sherlock” and, wow! What emotion it brought out!  Read My Mind almost brought me to tears,  Fix You got me really choked up, but this one got me crying.

Sherlock’s line [...]

Sherlock: BBC vs. PBS versions – The Great Game

[Like with notes for The Blind Banker, the following are rough notes for The Great Game.  I'll fix 'em up and make 'em look pretty in a few days.  Why put them up when they are pretty already?  Obvious (sorry, slipped into sounding like Sherlock, haha).  PBS has both of their versions of The Blind [...]

BBC’s Sherlock, season 1, reairing on PBS

If you have not seen this fantastic series (way to short), PBS is re-broadcasting season 1 (Season 2, which just ended to other day on the BBC, airs on PBS this May 6th). They played A Study in Pink” last Sunday, this Sunday (Jan 22) is The Blind Banker”, and the following Sunday (Jan 29) [...]

Best Doctor Who fan videos – part 1

Time to change gears to another one of my interests, though somewhat related: Doctor Who. I have loved Doctor Who for as long as Holmes and Watson (about 25 years now).  And as with Holmes, I have enjoyed watching what fans did with the Doctor, both the original and newer series.

First off, if you [...]

My Favoite Sherlock Holmes videos – part 6

The Reenactments It is fun to see how people re-enact scenes from a Holmes production. Below are live and animated re-enacted scenes both from the Granada series and BBC’s Sherlock. I include the original scene and same scene, redone:

The Dancing Men

Sherlock Holmes – The Dancing Men 1/6

Skip to 2:53 in the video [...]

My Favorite Sherlock Holmes videos – part 5

A Study in Time

On a roll now!

Since restarting this blog, there has been a new Sherlock Holmes series, called, simply. Sherlock (Original, right? LOL!). I will post my review of it here (I have it posted somewhere else at the moment). But I wanted to show some brilliant fanvids here.

A Study in Time

Oh My Gosh! [...]

Some of my favorite Sherlock Holmes fan videos

In my last (regular) post, I talked about the official video for “Discombobulate”, the main theme for the recent Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. (Hans was robbed of an Oscar! Shame on the Academy!!)

One thing I have become a fan of are fan-made music videos.  To keep in line with my last [...]

Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and me

I have to thank my 8th grade English teacher for introducing me to the great

Basil Rathbone (left) and Nigel Bruce play the crime fighting dou

detective and and his trusty companion.  We were reading Hound of the Baskervilles (considered by many fans to be the best of the Holmes stories) and watched the [...]

Past week's tweets 2009-10-11

I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — NERD ALERT: Presidential Last Words http://bit.ly/1Xxei3 # thanks for putting whole shows online! RT @PBS: @jdcoffman good thing you can watch it online here: http://tr.im/ARmg #PBS ^LS # reading Mark Shea’s “The Conservative Bible Project: Wingnut ideologues just keep bringin’ the crazy” http://is.gd/40w3i [...]

Past week's tweets 2009-09-27

good afternoon! # working on Comedy Classics Ning – Updating Feedburner feeds for Twitterfeeds.http://ping.fm/m3JMv . So far, so good! # RT @DFTBArecords: FREE MP3! Follow @dftbarecords & then RT this msg & we’ll DM you a link to Hank Green’s “Demolition Derby” studio version! # RT @jdcoffman: Yo Neil Patrick Harris, I’m real happy [...]