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I finally had a little time to concentrate fixing little behind-the-screen problems with the blog.  One of the WordPress plugins, Twitter Tools, I had set up to post a weekly digest of my tweets.  But in upgrading the plugin, it no longer has that option.  Although it stopped working a few months ago, which is [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-11-14

I liked a YouTube video — Hugh Laurie – Best of MT – #12 Jeeves & Wooster http://youtu.be/BlOv5aw-63g?a # And I just saw a doc on Pompeii the other day: "House of the Gladiators collapses in Pompeii" http://is.gd/gOCaY #history # RT @spiritangel04: Help us 2 save Conan Doyle's house, leave comments on our website [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-11-07

beautiful horses! #PBS_Circus # laugh at the difficulties of using the doniker (bathroom). Nothing like an obstacle course between you and nature calling, LOL # enjoy the occasional multi shot camera angles #PBS_Circus # bomb threat at the circus. That's scary #PBS_Circus # enjoyed the first part. Second part starting now #PBS_Circus # GRANDMA!! [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-10-24

How to Deal With Psychic Vampires – wikiHow http://t.co/7JiaVdF via @wikiHow # RT @USATODAY Benedict Cumberbatch modernizes 'Sherlock Holmes' http://usat.me/40650490 # I liked a YouTube video — TOP 7 FAILS OF HISTORY http://youtu.be/wpaBfQ5DC9M?a # I liked a YouTube video — Giraffe Love: A Terrifying Introduction to Nature at Work (a… http://youtu.be/6V4WYvDEjYI?a # I liked [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-10-17

Let's play We Rule on the iPhone! My gamername is 'Calvero5'. http://bit.ly/d4seUk # I liked a YouTube video — Like a Snake Swallowing an Egg: Thoughts from Florida http://youtu.be/gW3oxbfSz54?a # I liked a YouTube video — Sesame Street: A YouTube Interview with Elmo http://youtu.be/UZHSDjtD-dg?a # I liked a YouTube video — Sesame Street: 12 [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-10-03

Spending a quiet Sunday afternoon with the family. Doing some writing. # popped into @leolaporte 's live Tech Guy show. He's wearing a white ZDTV shirt. Memories of The ScreenSavers!! http://live.twit.tv/ # Watching classic Doctor Who – "The Stones of Blood"… An earlier visit to Stonehenge… # sitting at my old corner computer desk. [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-09-19

enjoying another quiet Sunday afternoon with my girls # In memory of Jeremy Brett who passed away 15 years ago today http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq8_MaWpv9A He'll always be my Sherlock Holmes # difficult to explain to my 3 yr old that touching screen for my iPod Touch is ok… Pressing on my laptop screen is *not* ok. [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-09-05

Kids eating dinner while listening to Pandora radio of children songs # Ajafydshdhefgxxgdhdhdjdjdjdxhdhzhdhdjdjfjdjdjddjdjjdfjdjjdfjdjdufjfji http://bit.ly/bRMBvC fddifjkffijddidijdsujdfjfjddhfjjadhdyryryyrrfhfhf # I liked a YouTube video — Beginning to End – The Farewell Season of Oprah http://youtu.be/sfFstTri3iY?a # Great upbeat song: Janet Jackson's Alright w/ Heavy D mix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ubv59yE8RI <3 Cab, Charisse, and Nicholas Bros # I liked a [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-08-29

relaxing and watching tv with my girls. # I liked a YouTube video — Is Obama a Muslim? Examine the Evidence! http://youtu.be/1jQ67cdzDyI?a # I liked a YouTube video — Doctor Who – 45 years – Ten Faces – One Legend http://youtu.be/4sSlVknNekI?a # taking care of some chores while listening to Doctor Who tunes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I80pc9jZ_t8 [...]

Past week's tweets 2010-08-22

I liked a YouTube video — MASTERPIECE Mystery! | Sherlock (Coming to PBS Beginning Oct… http://youtu.be/BViNDHp6rHA?a # I liked a YouTube video — Dear Future Charlie http://youtu.be/_6wnxpNKeek?a # I liked a YouTube video — MASTERPIECE Mystery! | Sherlock (Coming to PBS Beginning Oct… http://youtu.be/BViNDHp6rHA?a # I liked a YouTube video — Dear Future Charlie [...]