Best Doctor Who fan videos – part 1

Time to change gears to another one of my interests, though somewhat related: Doctor Who. I have loved Doctor Who for as long as Holmes and Watson (about 25 years now).  And as with Holmes, I have enjoyed watching what fans did with the Doctor, both the original and newer series.

First off, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover video, “A Study in Time” that I posted earlier. Totally brilliant!

Doctor Who – Tenth Doctor Tribute – Fireflies

There are a bunch of videos using Owl City’s Fireflies song to clips of the Doctor.  This one and the nest one are my favorites.  This one is a shortened version of the song, but still fun to watch.  Stars the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his various companions.

Doctor Who – Fireflies

Most of the fanvids that used Fireflies used the Tenth and (since it aired) Eleventh Doctors.  A few brave souls man one using almost all the Docs, such as this one:

CSI: Gallifrey (DW/CSI Miami Parody)

I don’t care for any of the CSI shows, but have seen enough to ROFL whenever I watch this video.

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