Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall – BBC vs. PBS edits

Finally, Reichenbach!  Took some time, and I was beginning to wonder if I would get this done before PBS took down the show from their website (which is still there, until the the 19th!)

Also want to say that I missed Alan Cumming not doing an intro for Baskerville and Reichenbach :(.  His other intros were awesome!

Poor John

A couple seconds are cut from John talking to his therapist, right after she asks him “What happened, John?”

Importance – Minor, though it does show John struggling even more to say what he wants to say.

Going to see the Crown Jewels

A couple seconds are cut as Jim enters the security scanner.

Away in handcuffs

A coupkle seconds cut of Jim being put into a police car and then Lestrade looking at Jim’s iPhone.


To the Courthouse

It’s cut from the moment Sherlock enters the police car to head to the trial up to the shot of the walking feet in the prison.


Jim and his gum

After showing the press coverage outside the courthouse, it’s cut where  Jim Moriarty is taken to his place in the courtroom.  His is held in place be three men.  A woman comes over to check him.

Jim: (turning to the woman) Would you mind slipping your hand into my pocket?

The woman looks towards one of the men, who nods.  So she slides her hand into his pocket and pulls out a piece of gum.  Jim sticks out his tongue and she places the gum there. He starts to chew.

Jim: (with a sly smile) Thanks.

She quietly walks away.


You repel me

A second of Kitty is cut right after Sherlock walks out of the bathroom.

Sherlock and Jim, prison buddies

Right after the judge sends Sherlock to a cell for “showing off”.  Right after he gets pushed in, cut of Jim also being put back into his cell.  Below is a great shot of the both of them:


Importance — Very little, though it’s a great shot of the both of them.

Sherlock senses something more

After John bails Sherlock out, they head back to Baker Street, continuing to talk about what’s going on.

Sherlock: The only reason why he’s still in a prison cell is because he chose to be there. (cut) Somehow, this is part of his scheme (cut ends).

You must find him guilty

The defense attorney says”the defense rests”.  Jim looks back to John who is sitting in the back with a smug smile.  Sherlock is at Baker Street.

Judge  and (who is imaigning what’s going on in the courtroom, in a voice barely louder than a whisper) Sherlock: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.  James Moriarty stands accused of several (just Sherlock is heard) accounts of attmpts of burglery.  Crimes, which if he is found guilty, *which could lead to a long sentence.  His legal team* (this part I could not understand what exactly Benedict was saying 🙁 ) (judge’s voice is heard again, Sherlock’s fades off) has chosen to offer no evidence whatsoever to support their plea.  I find myself in the unusual position of recommending a verdict wholeheartedly.


Sherlock: You must find him guilty. (closes his eyes) Guilty.

Judge: You must find him guilty. (cut ends)

John and Mycroft, together again

A couple seconds are cut of the car pulling up beside John after he tried, unsuccessfully, to  use an ATM, and a second or so more while going into the Diogenes Club.

After John is taken back to Baker Street, there’s some shots of the hit men and woman wandering around the vicinity.


 At the school

Although no dialogue was cut, a second here and there was cut while they were at the school.

Anybody can walk in anywhere if they pick the right moment

Right after Sherlock scraps bits of the floor, cut of he and John in a cab.


John: How can he get past the CCTV? If all the doors were locked…

Sherlock: He walked in when they weren’t locked.

John: But a stranger can’t just walk into a school like that.

Sherlock: Anyone can walk in anywhere if they pick the right moment.  Yesterday, end of term, parents milling around  chauffers, staff. What’s one more stranger among them?  He was waiting for them. all he had to do was find a place to hide.

Shot of exterior of St. Bart’s is also cut.  Edit ends with shot of hallway inside the hospital.

Molly and Sherlock

Right as Sherlock is identifying the chemicals in the lab.

Molly: What did you mean, I owe you? (cut) You said I owe you? (cut ends). You were muttering it while you were working?

Sherlock: Nothing. Mental note.

Bits and pieces

Second here and there cut from the factory and after Sherlock enters the cab from the police station.  Lestrade with Donovan and Anderson.  Sherlock and John being chased around London.

Sherlock and John apporoach Kitty… and face “Richard Brook”

The first few seconds of Kitty exiting her car and walking up to her residence.  She opens the door.


Sherlock is pacing back and forth.  Kitty sitting on a chair.

Sherlock: Congratulations.  The truth about Sherlock Holmes.  The scoop that everyone weanted, and you got it. (in a loud whisper) Bravo!

Kitty: I gave you every oppertunity.  I wanted to be on your side, remember? You turned me down.

Sherlock: Someone turns up and spills all the beans.  How utterly conveniant.  Who’s Brook?

Kitty shakes her head.

Sherlock: (cut) Oh , come on Kitty.  No one trusts the voice at the end of the telephone.  And all those flirty little meetings in cafes, those sessions in hotel rooms where you get it on dictaphone. How do you know you can trust him. (cut ends)  Man turns up with the Holy Grail in his pocekts.  What were his credentials?

After they unsucessfully try to catch up with Jim, the last few seconds of John standing in the street alone are cut.


 Sherlock visits Molly

A couple seconds are cut of Molly walking our of a room, turning off the light and passing through the lab.  Sherlock surprises her.

Sherlock: You were wrong, you know.  You do count.  You always counted and I’ve always trusted you. (turns toward her) You were right.  I’m not okay.

Molly: Tell me what’s wrong.

Sherlock: (slowly walks toward her) (cut) Molly, (cut ends) I think I’m going to die.

Molly: What do you need?

(cut) Sherlock: I wasn’t everything you think I am.  Everything I think I am. Do you still want to help me?

Molly: What do you need? (cut ends)

Sherlock: (Walking a couple steps clser, looking her staright into her eyes) You.

Confronting, and scolding, Mycroft

John is sitting in the Diogenes Club, with papers, his back to Mycroft who is coming in from behind him.  As soon as Mycroft enters…

John: She has really done her homework, Ms. Riley (turns halfway towards Mycroft). There are things that only someone close to him would know.

Mycroft: Ahh…

Have you seen your brother’s address book lately?  Two names. Yours, and mine.  And Moriarty didn’t get this stuff from me.

Mycroft: John…

John: (cutting him off) So how does it work, then? Your relationship? (Mycroft sits down at a chair opposite) You go out for a coffee, now and then?  Eh? You and Jim?  (cut) Your own brother, and you blabbed about his entire life to this maniac?

Mycroft: I never intend… I never dreamt. (cut ends).

John: This… you see this (holding a paper in his hand, looking down at more sitting on his lap) This is what you were trying to tell me, isn’t it? ‘Watch his back, because I’ve made a mistake’

Back at Bart’s

Exterior of Bart’s hospital is cut by a few seconds

The rooftop

Various seconds here and there cut, no dialogue or important actions cut out.

After the fall

Cut between the marksman who was aiming for John from the window putting away his gun, up until the scene with John and his therapist.  No dialogue.




Stuff that you wanted to say

Right at the end of the shot of John sitting at Baker Street, there is a voice-over of his therapist.

Therapist: The stuff that you wanted to say (cut ends)(shot of John in the therapist office) but didn’t say it.

And that was about it for the edits. Yay!

What I’ve learned

Writing out a good bit of dialougue and describing actions has been some experience.  While there is a *ton* to admire in just watching (and rewatching, over and over) the show, through this project I have had a deeper appreciation of the skills of Moffat, Gatiss, and Thompson (aka “the ‘other’ Steven”) as writers (as well as Cumberbatch, Freeman, and the gang, as actors).

And I would like to think that my observational skills have increased… I like to *think* that…

Okay now, hurray up with series 3 guys! I know I’m not the only one to say that I’m looking forward to it!




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